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Is Professional Clover Mite Control A Necessity In Maine?
A clover mite on bark

The State of Maine is a scenic marvel. With vast stretches of coastline, unlimited pine trees, and towering mountain peaks, its fame for being the perfect place to vacation is well-earned. With so much greenery, it’s no wonder clover mites love this state. While not physically harmful to humans, their effect on your greenery could negatively impact your grounds without professional clover mite control for Maine properties.

The Life Cycle And Behavior Of Clover Mites

Most people rarely see clover mites because they’re as small as a pinhead. They can have a reddish-brown or green appearance and do not pose any danger to people.

Clover mites go through three main stages of development before emerging as adults. They start as unfertilized eggs, typically deposited at the base of trees, small plants, or cracks in sidewalks in the fall for overwintering. As temperatures warm, eggs will hatch, and the baby clover mites will move into their larvae stage, where they begin to feed on plants. From the larvae stage, clover mites will pass through multiple nymph stages (immature adults), where they will molt (shed skin) until they emerge as adults.

Clover mites are natural-born eating machines that thrive in temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees. They gravitate to lawn weeds, grasses, and herbaceous plants (plants with non-woody stems). In small numbers, clover mites live their lives munching away with little or no notice. Still, congregating in large numbers can only spell trouble for property owners if they don’t utilize targeted clover mite treatments like those offered by Big Blue Bug Solutions.

The Damage Clover Mites Can Cause To Your Plants

Clover mites (in small doses) typically enjoy a lifetime of munching on foliage without inflicting any significant damage to properties. However, when large quantities of clover mites infest greenery around your property, it won’t take long before damage becomes evident.

Factors that can lure clover mites to properties in large numbers include the following:

  • Newly established and fertilized lawns
  • Damaged lawns that get heavily fertilized
  • Lush vegetation close to structures
  • Overly dry conditions

Clover mite infestations can leave grass with silver streaks, and extensive damage can turn lawns yellow or brown. Plants that are affected can wilt plants. Clover mites on plants and within lawns can inflict serious damage, so it’s vital to establish a partnership with an experienced pest professional like Big Blue Bug Solutions.

How To Prevent Clover Mite Invasions

An excellent way to prevent clover mite invasions is to stay aware of situations that encourage clover mite infestations and take steps to limit their activities. New lawns and lawns struggling to survive are most susceptible to clover mite infestations. Property owners must ensure that the fertilization of these lawns doesn’t attract unwanted attention from clover mites.

Since grass and weeds growing close to buildings can provide excellent breeding grounds for clover mites, clearing an 18 to 24-inch area around your foundation can help discourage clover mite reproduction. Another helpful hint for clover mite prevention is using water. Clover mites love to congregate in dry, sunny areas, so watering dry or damaged grass and plants (particularly close to foundations) can aid in the prevention of clover mites. Maintenance fixes like caulking holes and cracks in foundations, around windows, doors, and shingles will help keep clover mites out of structures.

Prevention measures are always wise, but with the tiny clover mite, many property owners won’t notice an infestation until damage appears. If you suspect clover mites may be feasting on your grass and plants, call the pest professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians can quickly diagnose clover mite infestations and make expert recommendations for remediation.

Eliminate A Clover Mite Infestation: Call The Pros For Total Control

The best way to eliminate a clover mite infestation is to call in the pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions. For over 80 years, our company has provided property owners with iconic pest control services throughout New England. We provide clover mite treatments in Maine that are environmentally responsible and effective. When Maine property owners partner with our company for clover mite control, they can relax knowing their pest issues are in our excellent and capable hands; we guarantee it. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to get rid of clover mites.