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Pest Control Made Simple For Augusta's Residents


Winter Pest Invasions: Understanding The Seasonal Challenge

As we head into winter here in Augusta, many local creatures will be looking for a way to get out of the cold and into your home. Most winter pests invade homes to find warmth, food, and things to drink. This is the case for rodents, cockroaches, ants, centipedes, fleas, and stink bugs. Some termite species will also transfer indoors or closer to homes during the colder months.

If you would like to know what types of pests are creating nests inside or around your home, bring in our team for a quick inspection. We will check your property for common signs of pests and let you know what we find. 

The Hidden Risks Of Pest Infestations

Before we talk about your options for dependable pest control in Augusta, we think you should know what risks come with pest infestationsAlthough most local creatures are simply annoying, many creatures that invade homes bring problems in with them. Rodents are a great example of this. These furry pests spread disease, damage property with their teeth, and carry other pests like fleas and ticks indoors.

Speaking of fleas and ticks, these pests spread diseases with their bites. Other dangerous local pests include cockroaches, certain species of ants, wasps, and bees. Destructive invaders include termites, carpenter ants, and silverfish. These are just a few examples of problematic creatures that might get into your home this winter. Let’s take some time now to talk about your options for pest control to keep these invasive pests out. 

Seal The Deal: The Power Of Proper Home Sealing In Pest Prevention

There are two ways to deal with pest problems here in Augusta. The first method involves waiting for creatures to get indoors and finding ways to get them out. The other involves preemptive prevention strategies. Here are some great DIY options to protect your home.

  1. Seal potential entry points in your home’s exterior.
  2. Make sure your windows and doors have proper seals.
  3. Replace damaged window/door screens.
  4. Address moisture issues like leaking piping and damaged fixtures.
  5. Reduce clutter whenever possible.
  6. Store your food, including pet food, inside air-tight containers.
  7. Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids, and keep bins clean.

If you would like more effective options to keep pests out of your home, talk with our team about our pest control services.

The Pros To Call For Effective Pest Control

Big Blue Bug Solutions is a local pest control provider. We are known for our attention to detail and friendly services. Our team is already helping thousands of local homeowners fight back against all sorts of pest problems.

If you want to join our growing family of supported and protected families, we are ready to welcome you with open arms. Call our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions to find your solution to winter pest problems and schedule your Augusta home and property for advanced local pest control services.