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Advanced Techniques For Superior Spider Management In Rhode Island

Big spider web in an attic

Spiders rank high on the list of pests people find frightening. These creepy arachnids frequently enter homes, and keeping them out can be challenging. If you are tired of seeing spiders and their webs all over your house, this article is for you.

We'll describe the most common spiders that invade Rhode Island homes and explain more about bites and their risks. We'll also review the factors that attract spiders to help you determine what is causing your spider problem. Continue reading to learn more about effective spider control in Rhode Island with Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Common Spider Species In Rhode Island

There are several species of spiders in Rhode Island, but only a few tend to infest homes. The following list will help you identify the type of spiders crawling around your house:

  • Yellow sac spiders are light yellow to cream, around 2/5 of an inch, and build retreats that look like silken sacs or tubes to hide during the day.
  • Common house spiders are yellowish brown, between 3/16 and 5/16 of an inch long, and build numerous tangled webs all over the house.
  • Black widow spiders are glossy black with a red hourglass marking on their abdomens, about 1 1/2 inches long, and build messy webs at ground level.

If you need assistance identifying or removing a spider infestation in your home, Big Blue Bug Solutions experts are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our spider control services or schedule a free inspection.

Are All Spider Bites Dangerous?

Most spider bites aren't dangerous because their venom isn't potent enough to harm humans, and spiders typically only bite if they sense a threat, but there are exceptions. In our area, the most dangerous spiders are black widows. Black widow bites are rarely fatal as long as you seek prompt medical attention and can cause symptoms like sweating, nausea, increased blood pressure, fever, and pain.

Yellow sac spiders bite more than any other spider. While not fatal, bite symptoms can be very uncomfortable, ranging from pain and a burning sensation to more systemic responses with muscle aches, fever, and nausea. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance eliminating spiders in your home and protecting your family from another invasion.

Factors That Attract Spiders Inside

If you frequently find spiders in your house, something in or around your home may be attracting them. The following list includes some of the most common factors that attract spiders to your house:

  • Pest infestations: Pests like ants, cockroaches, flies, and fleas can attract spiders looking for a meal.
  • Clutter: Clutter in your home or storage areas provides hiding spots for spiders and their prey.
  • Lights: Outdoor lighting at night will attract insects that attract spiders.
  • Entryways: Any cracks and crevices on your home's exterior can attract spiders looking for shelter or food.

Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you determine what is attracting spiders to your home, how they're getting inside, and the best way to get rid of them. Contact us today to learn how our home pest control services keep spiders and their prey out of your house.

Experience Peace Of Mind: Choose Professional Spider Control

Big Blue Bug Solutions offers expert spider control near you to eliminate these pests in your home and prevent future infestations. For over 80 years, we have been helping Rhode Island homeowners protect their families from risky and nuisance pests. Contact us today to learn more about our professional pest control services or to schedule a free inspection.