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DIY vs. Professionals: Exploring The Shortcomings of Solo Rodent Control In Maine

House mouse crawling on a bread

Discovering evidence of rodents in your home can be alarming, and your first instinct may be to rush to the store and buy baits, traps, or poisons to get rid of them. Unfortunately, DIY rodent control is rarely successful and can worsen the problem. This article will explore the benefits of professional rodent control in Maine and help you determine the best way to deal with an invasion.

We’ll start by describing the most common types of rodents found in Maine homes and reviewing the damage they can cause. We’ll also dig deep into why DIY control wastes time and money. Continue reading to learn more about rodents and the best way to get rid of them for good with the experts from Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Common Types Of Rodents That Invade Maine Homes

While several types of rodents can cause problems on your property, a few are more likely to enter your home. If you notice signs of rodents in your home, the following list describes the most likely culprits:

  • House mice have round, dusty gray bodies with cream-colored undersides, pointed muzzles, and large ears.
  • Norway rats have long, stocky bodies, bristly brown fur, lighter undersides, and small eyes and ears.
  • Roof rats have long, thin bodies, soft brown fur intermixed with black, and large eyes and ears.

Whether you notice signs like droppings or gnaw marks or see the actual rodents, it is best to take action quickly before they start reproducing. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more about our rodent control services.

The Damage Rodents Can Create On Your Property

It can be challenging for people to imagine the damage rodents can do, but these small pests can wreak havoc inside a home, leading to expensive repairs. Here are some of the most common types of damage that occur with rodent infestations:

  • Rodents in wallscan chew on wiring, creating a fire hazard.
  • Norway rats can chew through plastic and lead pipes.
  • Mice and rats will tear up insulation and contaminate it with their waste.
  • These pests will gnaw through drywall, cabinets, and your furniture.
  • Rodents cause damage and contamination of food supplies, resulting in costly food waste.

The sooner you can get rid of rodents, the better. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn how our services can help protect your family and home from these risky pests.

Why DIY Rodent Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

We understand the temptation to attempt controlling these pests on your own, hoping to save some money. Over-the-counter rodent pest control products such as ultrasonic devices may annoy the rodents, but they quickly learn to ignore them. Traps and baits may catch a rodent or two but cannot handle an infestation.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of DIY methods is they extend the time these prolific breeders are inside the house, which can lead to a severe infestation. The most effective way to remove these pests is to work with professionals. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance eliminating rodents and preventing their return.

The Pros To Know For The Best Rodent Control For Your Home

Big Blue Bug Solutions offers expert rodent control near you to get rid of these pests and prevent them from coming back. Our experts can determine what attracts rodents, how they enter your home, and the best way to eliminate them. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control services or to schedule your free inspection.