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Date Posted: July 18, 2023
Category: Fleas

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Fleas are a common problem that can be frustrating for pet owners. Not only does a flea fiasco agonize your beloved four-legged furry friend, but it can be challenging to eliminate. And when you thought matters couldn't get any worse, fleas can carry various diseases that could affect your family and pets.

Fortunately, Big Blue Bug Solutions provides advanced solutions to get rid of fleas around your home so that all your family members, furry or not, can breathe a sigh of relief. Our highly skilled team goes the extra mile to ensure we eradicate a flea infestation to avoid a future recurrence. Read on to learn more about these insidious critters and how specialists with Worcester pest control can help you start living a pest-free life again. 

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Flea Infestation

The signs of fleas in your home will vary depending on the extent and duration of the infestation. Your pets, specifically dogs or cats, will be the best detector of a flea problem plaguing your home. Flea bites cause skin irritation that can result in itchy, red bumps. You may also notice a drastic change in your pet's behavior. They may become lethargic and have a sudden loss of appetite. 

Even though fleas in Worcester are difficult to see with the naked eye, they're reddish-brown and about 1/8 inch long. However, after a blood meal, they appear lighter in color. They're so small that they're easy to miss if you're not looking for them. For the best way to get rid of fleas, if you suspect your house has been infested, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately so we can schedule a comprehensive property inspection.

The Diseases Fleas Are Known To Spread

Fleas can be annoying pests, especially in the summer when they can lay hundreds of eggs daily. But what makes fleas so dangerous? They're known to spread harmful diseases that can seriously affect your health and your pets, which include:

  • Flea-borne (murine) typhus
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Tularemia
  • Tungiasis
  • Tapeworms

Fleas can also cause severe allergic reactions and secondary skin infections. It's essential to schedule a veterinarian exam to get your pets checked and contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for a complete in-home evaluation.

Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation On Your Own

Getting rid of fleas can seem impossible because they have so many hiding places throughout your home. They also reproduce at an alarming rate, of about 20 eggs every 48 hours! That means that even if you kill five or six adult fleas daily for a month, thousands will still be waiting in the wings when it's time for them to hatch again. 

Fleas can also travel by jumping from host to host. This is why pet owners must also check and treat themselves for fleas. So, if you want to eliminate a flea infestation from your home or yard, it's best to call the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately. We'll structure a treatment plan that will leave you relaxing in a flea-free environment in no time.

The Best Way To Completely Eliminate A Flea Infestation

If you're wondering how to eliminate different types of fleas, look no further than your reputable pest specialist. With the know-how and latest tools of the trade, these professionals can masterfully locate pest hiding places precisely to eliminate them quickly. 

With over 80 years of experience in the pest control business, Big Blue Bug Solutions has delivered impeccable home pest control in Worcester that residents can trust. Our team specializes in obliterating fleas from all environments: homes, yards, office spaces - you name it! We have access to the most effective pest control products and techniques to do the job correctly. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary inspection.

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