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Date Posted: February 19, 2021
Category: Bed Bugs

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bed bug crawling on a mattress

Bed bugs are making a comeback in southern Maine homes after being almost eradicated in the past. They don’t just live in dirty homes. Bed bugs often colonize well kept homes in South Portland. 

Bed bugs usually enter a home on clothing or luggage or other fabric that is brought into the home. Bed bugs are just ¼ inch long and are generally both brown and flat, though after eating then tend to be redder and swollen. They hide in cracks and crevices and come out at night to feed.

Avoiding Bed Bugs

The best way to control bed bugs is not to bring them home in the first place. Hotels and motels have a deserved reputation for spreading bed bugs. To avoid them, do not place your bags on the floor or bed. The best place to put them is actually in the bathtub, but keeping them up off the ground and bedding is a good start.

With your bags out of danger make sure the room is free of bedbugs. The first place to check is the bed. Check along the piping on the mattress for bugs, feces or blood spots. Go all the way around the mattress, checking the top and bottom piping. Then remove the sheet and check the mattress itself. Check under the mattress pad and on top of it. Check the sheets next, then the blankets and bedspread.

Next, check the rest of the room:

  • Check the bureau next to the bed. 
  • Take out each drawer and check it, especially where the sides join the bottom. 
  • Then check the underside of the drawer.
  • Next, check the luggage rack.
  • The place where the webbing circles the stand is a popular place for bed bugs to hang out. Check the dresser next.
  • Finally, check the wardrobe if there is one.

If all these places come up empty, it is safe to bring your luggage out. If you do find evidence of bed bugs, pick up your luggage, and leave the room. Ask to speak to a manager and request another room. It is rare for both rooms to be infested, but it is wise to do the checks in the new room as well.

Secondhand Items Can Carry Bed Bugs

One of the reasons for the spread of bed bugs is the increase in buying of second hand goods, including clothes, purses, furniture, appliances, and other things. Before bringing used items into your home, check them for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are shy. They like to hide in the seams of things, and in dark pockets. Just as you check items in hotels, you need to use a flashlight to look along the seams of clothing, especially in pockets. If you see movement or view a bed bug, you will have to wash the item in extremely hot water. Then put it in the dryer set on high for 30 minutes. Do not set it on the floor before treating it or the bed bugs can escape. Seams on furniture are suspect, too. Check for bed bugs everywhere, including the bottom of the furniture. For appliances, you will need to look under the tops of stoves, the back of the refrigerator, and anywhere there is a dark space or seam where bed bugs can hide. If you see bed bugs or see blood spots, the appliance or furniture will have to be treated before it enters the house.

If You Have Bed Bugs, Get Help from Big Blue Bug Solutions

Bed bugs are really hard to treat yourself. There are no consumer approved pesticides for bed bugs. To use heat to kill them, you must have special machinery. Call the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. They are licensed and have the equipment to quickly get rid of bed bugs so you can have your house back. They offer a free inspection followed by a plan of action. Big Blue Bug Solutions answers their phone day or night, so call them at (888) 258-3284 today to get rid of your bed bugs for good.

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