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Date Posted: December 19, 2018
Category: Maine Pest Control, Mice And Rodents

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rodent in maine home

Rodents are a definite concern in Maine year-round, but these concerns can multiply during the winter. When temperatures fall, rodents start to invade homes in Maine seeking warmth, shelter, food, and a place to build a nest where they can raise their young. Your home is ideal, but you don't want these little guys taking up residence with you.

Rodents pose health risks because they carry germs, bacteria, and parasites into your home. These can all contaminate food and surfaces and may make you sick. Rodents cause a lot of damage when they tear apart insulation, cardboard, fabric, and other items to build their nests.

Rodents are avid chewers and will chew on everything they can find, including furniture, books, window sills, door frames, floors, and walls. If that’s not bad enough, they could gnaw on electrical wires and create a fire hazard in your home. They like to chew on plumbing pipes that could then burst and cause water damage. In short, rodents do not belong inside your home!

Avoid DIY Methods - They Don't Work

You may be tempted to head to the internet for some rapid DIY rodent control and prevention, but you may want to hold off. Most of these methods simply won’t solve your rodent problem.

Check out these DIY methods that you shouldn't bother to try: 

  • Mothballs do a great job at keeping moths away but they do not have enough naphthalene to keep rodents away. Plus, too many mothballs can result in health problems for the people and pets living and breathing in your home.
  • Peppermint oil is thought to deter mice and rats. However, the strong peppermint smell has little effect on rodents who endure rank garbage and sewer odors.
  • Traps can work to some degree, but they can be dangerous if they are handled improperly. Baits can be very dangerous in a home with children and pets.
  • A thorough cleaning of your home is a great idea. However, rodents can hide in hard-to-see places and they will continually gain entry until you get professional help.

How to Rid Your Home of Rodents

The best way to effectively eradicate rodents is to contact a professional pest control expert. A professional will successfully remove the invading rodents and guarantee that they will never return.

If you are looking to rid your Maine home of rodents, and you don’t want them to return, call on the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to get the job done right.

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