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Date Posted: May 28, 2014
Category: Summer Pests

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flea in worcester

Do your pets have fleas? If they do, you probably have them in your home too. These external parasites feed off the blood of mammals and birds and if your pet has them, you’ll know it! Fleas lead to itching and scratching; they can cause your pet to have hair loss and in extreme cases, flea bites can cause anemia. If your pet appears to be suffering from fleas, you may be suffering from them too.

What can be done to control fleas?

Controlling fleas should begin with your pets. Pets are ultimately the ones that bring fleas into your home. Contact your veterinarian to see what options are available for flea control for your pet. When it comes to controlling a flea population that has been introduced to your home, we suggest calling in the professionals. Sometimes it is suggested to vacuum areas where you suspect fleas may be, but this doesn’t always get all the fleas (or their eggs!). If you do attempt to vacuum up fleas, make sure that you immediately empty out your vacuum bag into an outdoor trash can. You will also want to launder pet bedding and any other blankets or belongings that pets may regularly come into contact with. Because fleas can also infest your yard, it is important to contact a Worcester pest control professional when fleas become a problem on your property.

Why is professional flea control necessary?

Flea pest control that is performed by a professional is necessary because it is the only sure-fire way to eliminate these pests. A flea infestation has a lot of different parts to it. Fleas may infest your pets, your home and your property and if one facet of this problem is not addressed, it will continue to be a problem for you. There are a lot of Do-It-Yourself flea treatments available, but we don’t recommend trying any of them. These treatments are usually ineffective at completely eliminating fleas.

What are signs of fleas in your home?

So… you think you have fleas in your home. Here are the signs you should be looking for to verify your suspicions:

  • Pets that are scratching repeatedly; sometimes pet hair loss is an obvious sign.

  • Tiny red welts on your skin, often in clusters. They may be intensely itchy.

  • Noticing flea dirt on your pets is a sign of fleas. Flea ‘dirt’ is actual flea feces and looks like black pepper or coarse black dust against your pets’ white skin.

For more information on what to do if you have a flea problem, we recommend giving our professionals a call. We can offer our effective flea control services to help you eliminate these pests and keep your pets happy and healthy and your home pest free. To keep fleas out of the house and out of your life, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

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