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Date Posted: July 19, 2016
Category: Silverfish

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silverfish crawling on gray background

Have you ever wondered what that flat, slender bodied pest is that is about ½ inch long and silver? It has no wings, does not jump, but has movements somewhat like that of a fish. You were correct if you guessed that it is a silverfish. This ancient pest is found throughout the United States.

As with many other pests, the first step toward eliminating silverfish is to have a better understanding of their behavior. Clutter in a moist area provides ideal conditions for silverfish because they prefer to remain secluded in warm temperatures, in the 70 to 80 degree range, and very humid conditions. In fact, they are unable to survive in low relative humidity. The first step toward elimination and control of silverfish is to reduce humidity and remove any available source of water or moisture.

Silverfish are a nuisance and rather disgusting in appearance. However, they also can be damaging to several things. Natural textiles, silk, cotton fabric, wallpaper paste, books, and other forms of paper are great attractants to a foraging silverfish. Other food items of choice include flour, rolled oats, sugar, starch, and dried beef. Of course, no one wants silverfish or any other pest crawling around contaminating food items; but the damage to paper goods can also be quite significant.

If your home is overrun by silverfish, you may have a much bigger problem than damage to paper goods. The presence of large numbers of silverfish thriving in your home is an immediate red flag that you have excessive moisture in the house. Excessive moisture will cause multiple issues and problems including mildew of clothing and furniture and damage and health issues from mold. Mold can get out of control very quickly and contaminate the entire home.

Silverfish are nocturnal and not normally seen in the daylight. In the event you are seeing them during the day, you can be assured you have a serious infestation which must be dealt with. Silverfish are very adept at hiding, making it even more difficult to eradicate and control them. Now that you understand their need for moisture, begin lowering the humidity in your home as much as possible. Remove sources of water and the availability of their choice food sources.

Big Blue Bug Solutions understands the difficulties and problems from an infestation of silverfish and our highly trained professional technicians have the experience and expertise needed to successfully eradicate them from your home. Be sure to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions at the first indication of the presence of silverfish.

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