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Date Posted: March 2, 2015
Category: Cockroaches

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image of a cockroach

If you scour the web, you can find all kinds of helpful videos on how to kill, catch, and exclude cockroaches. Some of these tips are quite inventive, and many of them will actually kill cockroaches. Let's take a look at one of those techniques and then examine its effectiveness in keeping your home or business safe from cockroaches.

The Duct Tape Method

If you live in New England you know what duct tape is. It has a million practical uses. We use it to seal holes, fix furniture, hold a shovel together, reupholster a chair, hold the brim of our baseball cap on, and even make a pretty cool looking wallet. It is amazing stuff. But do you know that it can also be used to catch cockroaches? Yes indeed. It makes a pretty good roach motel.

If you pull off a 5-inch piece of tape, fold the end in one half inch on each side--so you can pick it up without touching the sticky part, and put a half teaspoon smear of peanut butter directly in the center of the sticky side, you have yourself a roach trap. When you lay it down on your counter, heavier American cockroaches will go for the peanut butter and get stuck on the sticky part. In the morning, you pick it up by either end and dispose of it. If you have German cockroaches--which are smaller, and light brown--it is best to turn the tape over (sticky side down). What happens is, the little German cockroaches try to slip under there and get at the peanut butter. When they do, their backs get stuck to the tape, and they stay there till morning. Simply pick up the tape and throw the roaches away.

Whether you have big fat American cockroaches or smaller, tan German cockroaches, this trap is very effective at capturing them. In a week, you could dispose of a hundred cockroaches. Pretty sweet, huh?

Though this is a great way to capture roaches, it does absolutely nothing to protect your home or business from these disease- and bacteria-spreading insects. If you snag a hundred roaches on those slabs of duct tape, that means you have thousands--even tens of thousands--still living in your walls. Those roaches are going to keep coming and coming.

When you partner with a pest control company like Big Blue Bug in Boston, which has over 75 years of experience protecting property from pest infestations, you get more than a Band Aid fix. You get real protection from these filthy bugs. Your exterior walls get sealed, all current roaches are exterminated, and you learn why roaches came into your property in the first place. The goal isn't to catch a few roaches. The goal is to create a roach-free environment. You'll never get rid of your roaches with traps. You won't even make a dent in their populations. Get your home fully protected by a pest company with proven results, and years of experience. It is the better way to go.

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