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Date Posted: August 7, 2018
Category: Termites

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termites near new england home

Termites are a serious problem throughout the United States, including the New England area, and are recorded as causing damages that cost United States residents a total of approximately $5 billion dollars a year! This is due to the fact that they primarily feed on wood and can cause significant structural damage to properties. Termites may be beneficial insects in nature as they are efficient composters in wooded areas and forests, but they have no business eating our homes from the inside out!

Most homes are made of wood or at least have wooden elements, which makes them a prime target for a termite invasion. In fact, termites can actually even traverse through metal siding, plaster, and other materials to get to the desired wood they are after! These destructive pests will eat through floors, ceilings, walls, cabinets, furniture, and structural beams in your home. Termites can eat away at your home so quietly that you may not even notice that they are there until it is too late and you find yourself with significant damages that can be very costly to repair. To avoid these extensive, costly damages, it is essential that homeowners in New England partner with a professional termite control company to prevent them from invading their homes.

Though termite infestations are difficult to detect, there are a few signs of their presence. You may be dealing with an infestation if you find swarming winged termites flying out from inside your home, discarded swarmer wings laying around, mud tubes along your walls or foundation, hollowed out or damaged wood in your home, and bowing floors, warped walls, or sagging ceilings. If you seeing any of these signs in your home, it is important to contact a pest control professional right away. Professional help is absolutely essential in order to completely eliminate the termites invading your home in every stage of development and prevent any future termite issues and damages.

If are a New England resident and are looking for year-round termite prevention, look no further! The experienced professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you with:

  • Effective termite control throughout your home and property
  • Complete and thorough inspections of your home and property
  • Identification of the type of termites, level of activity, and potential entry points
  • List of prevention recommendations for your home and property
  • Complete eradication of every single termite, including the queens
  • Future prevention from termites entering your home and causing damages
  • A year-long warranty that you can count on

Call us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions to see how we can keep your home free of termites!

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