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Date Posted: September 23, 2019
Category: Carpenter Ants

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a black carpenter ant crawling through the wood shaving it just created when burrowing through a home in south portland

While there are numerous ant species, homeowners in South Portland, ME want to avoid getting carpenter ants because they can cause severe structural damage to your home. Do you know what a carpenter ant looks like?


Carpenter ants are bigger than other ants you may find crawling around your home or property. They can range in length from 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Carpenter ants have a single node at their waist while other ants, such as acrobat ants, little black ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants have two nodes. Carpenter ants also have a rounded thorax, and they are mostly black, but some species may have a reddish coloring.


What Problems Can Carpenter Ants Cause?

The carpenter ant chews and burrows through wooden structures to create their nest and are considered a wood-destroying insect. They can cause framing to weaken and damage support walls. You may find evidence of this if doors and windows become harder to open, floors sink, or you notice walls bulging or ceilings sagging.


Carpenter ants do not 'feed' on wood as termites do, it is not part of their diet. They use the wood to make a home for themselves and their colony. You can learn more about detecting carpenter ants by reading our previous post titled "Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Problem."


How to Prevent Carpenter Ants

There are a few things you can do to help prevent carpenter ants from setting up house in your home. The most important step is to eliminate entry points by mending window and door screens and installing door sweeps. Make sure that entrances are secure and have no gaps. Seal openings around drains, utility pipes and wires. Caulk holes or cracks in the exterior or foundation of your home. Do not store wood or yard waste and debris near your home that will attract them.


Who Are You Going to Call?

You usually have two options if you don’t detect and destroy carpenter ants immediately. One option involves home remodeling to repair the damage done by the carpenter ants. The second is to call a professional pest control company. We recommend calling Big Bug Solutions as soon as you suspect you may have carpenter ants. It is vital to stop them in their tracks before they do any more damage! Call and schedule a free home inspection today.

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