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Date Posted: September 3, 2021
Category: Bed Bugs

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bed bug crawling on fabric

Bed bugs are a pest that has one of the worst reputations. People dread ever encountering these small creatures in their homes. This awful reputation is an earned one because bed bugs are one of the most invasive pests in Worcester, Massachusetts, and one of the most difficult to remove.

That being said, there are many misconceptions surrounding bed bug infestations and how they get started. One commonly held belief is that bed bugs only infest dirty homes, but this isn’t true at all. Bed bugs aren’t more attracted to clutter or filth, and they don’t come in search of these conditions. In fact, any household or business can end up with bed bugs.

This is all because of how these infestations begin. Bed bugs spread by hitching a ride on things like luggage and backpacks on which they are then brought into a residence. Because of this, they spread to all kinds of places, regardless of how clean they are.

To help you keep bed bugs out of your home, we’ve put together a guide on understanding bed bug infestations and how to prevent them.

What You Need To Know About Bed Bug Hotspots

As mentioned above, the main way bed bugs get around is by hitching a ride on something. While they don’t actually use humans or animals as hosts, like ticks do, they can attach themselves to all kinds of materials and items including purses and clothing.

Bed bugs can be almost anywhere including in different businesses as well as other people’s homes, but there are certain areas where they are more common. These “hot spot” areas include public transportation centers, airplanes, hotels, laundromats, schools, and hospitals.

While it can be difficult to completely prevent picking up bed bugs as they are only the size of an apple seed, you can do the following three things to reduce your risks:

  • Avoid putting your luggage on the ground.

  • Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before settling in.

  • Carry laundry to and from laundromats in plastic bags.

Reducing opportunities for bed bugs to hitch a ride from hot spot areas to your home is an important step in keeping your home free of bed bugs.

The Other Way Bed Bugs Get Inside

While picking up bed bugs from hot spots is the most common way you’ll end up with an infestation, there is one other way that these pests can get inside your home. This is by purchasing secondhand items that are already infested.

While bedding and mattresses are most likely to have bed bugs already, other kinds of furniture, appliances and even items like curtains could also have bed bugs.

To help you avoid bringing home items filled with bed bugs, you should look out for the following signs:

  • Brown, irregular-shaped smear marks on fabric or appliances

  • Rusty bloodstains, especially on bedding or mattresses

  • Yellowing stains or pieces of cream to brown discarded egg casings

Be sure to check any secondhand items carefully for these signs before bringing them into your home.

The Only Effective Way To Remove Bed Bugs

Even if you try your best, you could still end up with bed bugs, and this isn’t something to feel bad about. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to prevent, and they are also extremely hard to remove because they can spread so quickly and hide in so many small areas.

However, there is one safe and effective way to eradicate bed bugs. The experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions will remove every single bug and egg to ensure they don’t keep coming back. Contact us today to learn more and request an inspection. You can rely on our over 80 years of experience and our commitment to protecting your home from difficult pests.

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