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Beautiful scenery, exceptional recreational facilities, outstanding schools, economic development, quaint neighborhoods, and great people are all that make the city of Brooklyn, CT a great place to live! For over 80 years Big Blue Bug Solutions has been protecting New England properties from a wide variety of nuisance and dangerous pests, which means we have what it takes to help you protect your Brooklyn home or business from the pests that also call Brooklyn home. Pests are a year-round threat to New England homeowners, but our year-round or targeted pest control services get rid of the pests that are invading your property, contaminating your food, and threatening the health and safety of you and your family. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to learn more about our quality, affordable, and effective pest control options.

Residential Pest Control Services In Brooklyn, CT

Pests are a year-round problem in New England, which is why we have developed an effective year-round solution for pests through our Home Owner’s Policy, or in short, HOP. HOP protects homes and families from a wide variety of common household pests including crickets, spiders, beetles, pantry pests, roaches, ants, rodents, and many more. HOP provides our homeowners with 3 visits per year. At each visit we provide preventative treatment, the on-going monitoring of susceptible areas, and the guarantee that if pests come back between visits so do we- at no cost to you! Other residential pest control services/products that we offer to our Brooklyn customers to keep their homes free of pests include:

Carpenter ant solutions
Mosquito and tick solutions
Termite solutions
Wildlife solutions
Pest control insulation

Get in touch with us today to learn more about protecting your Brooklyn home and property from New England pests.


Tips To Avoid Cockroaches In Brooklyn, CT

Cockroaches are often thought of as a filth pest, living only in places that are dirty and cluttered, but the truth is cockroaches will live anywhere that their basic needs of food, water, and shelter can be met. Yes, this means that messy and cluttered houses are ideal habitats, but it can also mean, the home you and your family live in! To help avoid cockroaches moving into your Brooklyn home we suggest the following prevention tips:

  • Remove water sources by repairing any leaks found in the basement, bathroom, or kitchen areas.

  • Cockroaches are attracted to humid areas. Reduce humidity levels inside of your home by placing fans, air conditioners, or dehumidifiers in appropriate areas.

  • Like many other pests, cockroaches often hitchhike their way into homes; their favorite mode of transportation is on the inside of boxes, bags, and packages. Always inspect items that have been delivered to your home through the mail for roaches before bringing them inside.

  • Remove food sources by making sure to remove trash from your home, wash dirty dishes, wipe down kitchen counters, pick-up uneaten pet food, and vacuum floors daily.

  • Remove access points into your home by sealing all cracks and crevices found in the foundation and exterior walls of your home. Install door sweeps and make sure that all door and window screens are intact, and seal spaces found around utilities entering your home.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum in your home, especially in storage areas like basements, closets, and cabinets. Clutter gives cockroaches the spaces needed to hide unnoticed throughout your home.

If you ever notice cockroaches or signs of their presence, contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals will inspect your home to verify their presence and then develop an effective plan to eliminate the roaches and to prevent a future infestation.



Commercial Pest Control In Brooklyn, CT

Insects, rodents, and other pests invading your Brooklyn commercial facility can have a huge impact on your business and its reputation within the community. Nothing will make a person steer clear of your business more than hearing from their neighbor that saw an insect or rodent the last time they visited your business. To help ensure that your customers are never scared away, that your business’s reputation remains positive, and to help maintain the health and safety of your employees and customers, trust the New England commercial pest control experts and the customized commercial pest control solutions at Big Blue Bug Solutions. To control pests in your Brooklyn commercial facility, implement our Monthly Maintenance Program. This program includes customized once a month visits made to your commercial facility by our highly trained and experienced professionals. During the monthly visits our professionals provide pest monitoring services in addition to performing preventative treatment services; if possible any pest problems that are uncovered during a visit will be taken care of immediately. Another benefit to choosing Big Blue Bug Solutions for your commercial pest control needs is our Barcoding System, this system aids in the compliance with USDA, FDA, and AIB regulations by providing you with accurate electronic reports of our service visits. If you want to keep dirty flies, filthy roaches, sneaky rodents, and other pests out of your Brooklyn commercial property, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!


Bed Bug Prevention Tips In Brooklyn, CT

Bed bugs remain a prevalent pest problem across the country including throughout New England, a bed bug infestation can happen in any home or business. The best way to prevent these biting pests from coming into your home is to know the most common ways that you and your family can come into contact with them.

  1. Traveling - Traveling is probably the most common and well-known way that bed bug are introduced into a property. Hotels, motels, airports, taxis, and buses can all contain bed bugs, because their only real requirement is humans to feed on. All it takes is a couple of these bed bugs to crawl into your luggage, and upon returning home they have a new place to feed and multiply.

  2. Purchasing used furniture - Introducing used mattresses, box springs, or upholstered furniture is a surefire way to have your home be invaded by bed bugs. Even wood furniture can house bed bugs in its cracks and crevices.

  3. Public places - Unfortunately just being out and about in public on a daily basis can put you into contact with bed bugs. Movie theaters, libraries, hospitals, schools, and shopping centers can all be a haven for bed bugs.

To protect yourself when traveling or out and about on a daily basis it is important to always be vigilant and looking for bed bugs or signs of their presence. It is always a good idea to keep your belongings (coats, bags, luggage) up off of the ground as much as possible. Wash outerwear that your family wears out and about in hot water on a regular basis, and after returning home from a trip make sure to immediately wash all clothing in hot water and vacuum out and wipe down all suitcases before putting them away. If these biting pests are ever accidentally introduced into your property, don’t panic. The professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions can quickly get rid of them using a treatment plan that was designed specifically for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug control services and how to prevent these pests from finding their way into your Brooklyn home or business.

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