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Protect Your Home Against Wood Destroying Carpenter Ants

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For the most part, carpenter ants live in nests outside your home but make their way indoors in search of food, water and to set up satellite colonies.  Whether you live in an older dwelling or a brand new home, carpenter ants can and will invade if the opportunity arises and may cause serious structural damages if left untreated.  Entry points for foraging ants include:

  • Expansion joints

  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Gaps around doors and windows

  • Openings around utility pipes and wires

If you think you have a Carpenter Ant Infestation, Big Blue Bug Solutions can help!

Carpenter Ant Control Warranty In RI, MA, And New England

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know our carpenter ant treatments are so effective at eradicating infestations that we back our solution with a one-year carpenter ant warranty that can be renewed on a yearly basis and transferred to new owners should the home be sold! To learn more about our carpenter ant solutions or to find out how we can help you control other types of ants and pests in your New England home, please contact us today!

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Did you know that most people confuse carpenter ants for termites? Did you know that even though carpenter ants love wood, they do not consume the wood? That's right! Wood is not part of a carpenter ants diet. They only use the wood to make a home for themselves, destroying the structure in the process. This is why it is very important to recognize the signs of a carpenter ant problem.

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