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If you are looking for help with residential pest control or commercial pest solutions in Clinton, the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. Our technicians have been working to protect the homes and businesses in Clinton for over 80 years so we understand how to best protect the structures, keep your belongings and inventory safe, and to make sure that you, your family, your employees and your customers are kept safe from any threats of pests. Our highly trained technicians have the latest pest control technology and will ensure the highest quality pest control service.

Common Pests Found In MA Homes

Big Blue Bug Solutions has been providing exceptional pest control to homes in Clinton, MA and throughout parts of New England for many years. When it comes to the many insects and bugs that homeowners deal with, the Clinton pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions get it. Of all the many pests that find their way into homes, some of the most common pests that enter homes in Clinton and surrounding communities in Massachusetts and New England include rodents, termites and carpenter ants. The trouble is, these pests are not simply a nuisance to have on your property and in your home, they can be a danger to both your home and family as well.

  • Carpenter ants are a damaging pest that will bore holes into structural wood to use as nesting areas and this can weaken the structural integrity of those areas. They are most attracted to moist, decaying wood from around your property but can move inside if they find a place to nest.

  • Rodents, including mice and rats tend to chew through insulation, wires, and pipes which can lead to house fires and water damage. They can damage your personal property and contaminate your food and food prep areas with their urine and feces.

  • Termites can also cause extensive and costly structural damage to your home as they feed on structural wood. Termites often go unnoticed for months which will lead to an increase in the amount of damage that they inflict upon your home.

No matter what type of pest is invading your Clinton MA home, the best way to safely get rid of them once and for all is to contact us for the help of a New England pest control expert at Big Blue Bug Solutions.


Protect Your Home From Pest Infestations

Along with getting professional help with pest control in your Massachusetts home, taking the time to check and complete some minor fixes around your home will greatly reduce the chances of pests choosing your home to invade in the first place. While it certainly does not replace the need for year round preventative pest control treatments, here are a few tips to help reduce the threat of an infestation:

  • Sealing cracks along the foundation.

  • Caulk any gaps around exterior windows and doors

  • Keep outdoor trash cans away from the exterior of your home and tightly sealed

  • Wood piles, compost piles and gardens should also be located away from the exterior of your home

  • Food inside should not be left out on counters; it should be kept in the refrigerator or in sealed containers

  • Keep clutter in basement, attic and closet areas to a minimum to eliminate pest hiding places

But if all else fails, give us a call for help in controlling whatever pest has found their way inside.


Additional Pest Programs In Clinton MA

Big Blue Bug Solutions provides our customers with a variety of services that will protect homes and businesses from pest damages. Our home pest control program as well as our commercial pest control services consist of an initial inspection and treatment for you current pest problem, followed by visits to ensure that your home or facility remain pest free. Addition pest control services include:

If you need help with pest control in your Clinton home or business, contact the professionals at Big Blue Pest Solutions to get more information about the pests that are bugging you or to learn about our specific pest control plans from the Clinton exterminators.

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