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When flies get into Providence homes, they can drive us crazy. But flies can be more than just a nuisance. They can spread diseases. Today, we're going to talk about two common pest flies in Providence (try saying that 10 times fast) and some of the many diseases they're associated with. We'll also be talking about the more important topic of what is necessary to get rid of flies and keep them out of your Providence home.

flie found in home

Common House Flies

These flies have certainly earned their name. They are common home invaders. Common house flies are dark gray with red eyes and are between â…› to ¼ of an inch long. We don't give you this description because we don't think you know what a common housefly looks like, but more so you can easily distinguish this fly from blowflies, which are often mistaken for house flies.

Diseases spread by the house fly — A recent study has linked these insects (known scientifically as Musca domestica) to the transmission of 65 human diseases. Some of the many diseases they are known to spread are typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis, anthrax, leprosy, and tuberculosis. Keep this in mind the next time a fly lands on your hamburger.

Blow Flies

These flies, also referred to as bottle flies or flesh flies, have a metallic shine to them. They are usually green but can come in other vibrant colors. Don't let those pretty colors fool you for an instant. These dirty insects are drawn to feed on dead carcasses and also on the festering wounds of livestock and wildlife. Trust us when we say, you do not want these flies in your home.

Diseases spread by blow flies — A recent study on human diseases transmitted by blowflies showed that 30% of the microorganisms found on the blowflies collected in the study were capable of causing diseases. This is because blowflies quickly go from dead animals, animal wounds, animal dung, trash bins, sewage and other dirty things and land on food being prepared outside.

Interior Pest

While these common house flies seem to be interior pests, neither of these two flies reproduce easily inside our Providence homes. They usually fly in through open doors and windows or find a way in through gaps, cracks, and holes. If several flies are inside your home, there is something rotting inside your home. It could be a piece of fruit your kids left somewhere secluded. It could be rotting organic matter in the bottom of a dirty trash can. It could be a dirty drain. Whatever it is, you can probably smell it. Getting rid of breeding sites is the first step to getting rid of flies.

Entry Points

If flies are getting into your home through entry points, you will need to find them and seal them. Here are a few common places flies enter Providence homes:

  • Torn door screens. Once a fly gets between your screen and your sliding glass door, it can easily come in when you open the door.
  • Torn window screens. If your window screens are damaged, flies can get into your home when you open the window. They can also access your home if there is a hole created by a wood-damaging pest.
  • Pipe gaps. Check pipes that pass through your foundation wall. If you have gaps around them, seal the gaps using a caulking gun or some expanding foam product.
  • Garage doors. If you have a gap in your garage door and you have trash stored in your garage, flies can get in. From your garage, it is easy for a fly to follow you into your home.


The best way to prevent fly infestations in your home is to reduce flies around your home. Flies have an easier time reproducing outside where airflow can blow the scent of rotting organic matter away. Make sure your exterior trash cans have lids and that you keep them clean. If you have a compost heap, make sure it is properly balanced to reduce fly-attracting odors. If you have a dog, try to keep up with picking up its waste. It is vital to remove or contain all decaying organic material.

Professional Fly Control

Remember that Big Blue Bug Solutions is available to assist you with all your pest control needs, including fly control. While you can get some control from flies with proper sanitation and strategically placed fly traps that range from $5 to $100, it is better to call the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions and get the best control possible. Get started by requesting a free inspection. It doesn't cost anything to allow us to help you figure out your next move. We're here to help.

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