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Do you have bed bugs in your Portland home? Are you wondering whether or not you should try to get rid of them on your own? We understand. It can seem like the thrifty thing to do. But bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of. Take a minute to read the following four reasons bed bugs could outsmart you. It may make you change your mind.

1. Detection

If you attempt to get rid of bed bugs, you may think you have. Bed bugs don't come out every night to feed and, when they sense a threat, they can grow dormant for a long time without feeding. This behavior can make you feel like you're getting an infestation over and over and over again. Each time you think a new infestation has taken root, you'll be spending more money, time, and energy getting rid of them again—though they never actually went anywhere.

  • A professional uses field-tested strategies to make sure no bed bugs remain in your home.

2. False Positive

Another way you might think you've gotten rid of your bed bug problem is that you may find dead bed bugs in your traps, or on surfaces you've treated. It is possible to kill a bed bug, or two, or three. Unfortunately, those bugs are not evidence of a successful treatment. Bed bugs don't come out of hiding all at once. They come out in small groups. It might not seem like they come out in small groups when you wake up with a dozen bites, but a dozen bites can come from only four bed bugs.

  • A professional will do a detailed inspection to find bed bugs and signs of bed bug activity, rather than relying only on evidence found in traps.

3. Breeding Site

If you lift up a mattress or cushion and find a small group of bed bugs, you may think you've gotten the drop on those insects. Spraying that location and putting that objects outside of your home could feel like victory—and it may be. But don't count on it. Bed bugs can feed on you for months before you start to notice rashy welts on your skin. By the time you're aware of an infestation, these insects can be hiding in more than one spot, and in more than one room.

  • A professional will track bed bugs and determine the level of infestation. If it is in several rooms, greater measures must be taken to eliminate them.

4. Eggs

As with all insects, it is important to consider the complete life cycle. If you perform a topical treatment that eliminates bed bugs as they emerge from the secret places inside a bed frame, mattress, box spring, piece of furniture, electronic device, or some other item with a void inside, be aware that your treatment will not address the eggs within. Those eggs will eventually hatch, and your infestation will start again.

  • Professionals use many methods to address this challenge. Some work to eliminate bed bugs deep inside the voids they're hiding in. Some have a residual effect and continue to eliminate bed bugs as they hatch and emerge from hiding. Your licensed pest professional will select the right method for your infestation and the needs of your family.

When DIY Bed Bug Treatments Fail

If you choose to battle bed bugs on your own, there can be many repercussions. If an infestation persists, you can lose a lot of sleep. You can spend a lot of money, and expend a lot of energy. Ongoing bites can lead to anemia, which can have serious symptoms if not addressed. Bed bugs can make family and friends avoid coming over. An infestation can make life very difficult for your kids and their social life. But the worst repercussion is that you can eventually invest in a bed bug treatment after you've already given bed bugs to someone who visits your home regularly. That means they can turn around and give them to you again. The best solution for bed bugs is to contact a professional immediately and get rid of those bugs as quickly as possible. If you live in Portland, Maine, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance. We can guide you to the answers you're looking for.

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