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At the end of spring and in the beginning of summer, we start noticing mosquitoes getting worse. They visit us when we're out to camp. They visit us when we go to our favorite swimming hole. They visit us when we're trying to enjoy a short walk on a nature trail. And, when they show up, they are irritating pests to deal with. One of the worse places to have them show up is in our backyards. For most of us, the backyard is where we spend the majority of our outdoor time. It is close and convenient. But those mosquitoes can make you feel like it is better to just stay inside. Well, we're here to tell you, it is better outside. And you don't have to let mosquitoes make you a prisoner in your own home. We have some tips to help you get complete control of those blood-sucking intruders.


We all know that putting mosquito repellent on can help to ward off mosquitoes, but let's be honest, bug spray can make you feel worse than if you just let those mosquitoes bite you. Here are a few things you can do to repel mosquitoes and some of them don't require chemicals.

  • Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes can be deterred by a good breeze? It's true. But what if there is no breeze? We say, "Make one!" If you're going to be in one general location outside, create a breeze with fans in that location to make it harder for mosquitoes to fly around and land on you.
  • If you wear bright colors you can make yourself less of a target for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will most often use silhouettes against the horizon to lock in on you. Bright colors make it harder for them to do this.
  • If you're able to wear long sleeves and pants, it is is a good idea. This will give mosquitoes less exposed skin to target.
  • If you get mobbed by mosquitoes in your yard when you go out to mow the lawn or tend to your landscaping, keep in mind there are articles of clothing you can buy that have netting and are mosquito proof. You might be hotter, but you'll have fewer bites.
  • As far as mosquito repellent goes, you may consider a natural repellent with oil of lemon eucalyptus and spray it on your clothing rather than your skin.


Have you ever noticed that it doesn't take long for mosquitoes to start driving you crazy when you go outside? This is because they don't fly from your neighbor's yard to bite you. They're hanging out in your yard. Those are your mosquitoes. Here are some ways you can reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Correct conditions that allow stagnant water in your yard. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water.
  • If you have a container that holds water, remove it to prevent breeding.
  • If you have a container that you don't want to remove from your yard, empty it periodically. It takes a little over 7 days for mosquitoes to mature from egg to adults that can fly. If you empty the water onto the ground before those mosquitoes mature to adulthood, you can kill them.
  • Dry your landscape out as much as possible. You can do this by trimming tree branches and letting the sun into densely shaded locations. You can do this by putting space between your plants and allowing good airflow. You can also do this by watering your plants in a way that lets the water sink into the ground while keeping the topsoil as dry as possible. The drier you keep your vegetation, the fewer mosquitoes you'll have.


There is no better way to get complete control of mosquitoes than investing in professional mosquito control. This seasonal service works to break the cycle of reproduction in your yard and can make your yard nearly mosquito-free under the right circumstances. If you've never tried mosquito control, you should give it try. There is a reason our customers come back year after year after year. This service can make a startling difference in how many mosquitoes you have in your backyard. Take your backyard back. If you live in our extensive New England service area, we can help.

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