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Do you know that, among cockroaches, German cockroaches are the worst of the worst? There is no other cockroach species that can compete with them. German cockroaches are more widely distributed, more tolerant to synthetic products, and some populations have developed bait aversion. Let's take a moment to talk about these and other key factors that make it difficult to keep German cockroaches out and keep them out. As we do, we'll discuss methods that work to counteract these factors.

What It Means To Be Widely Distributed

It is estimated that there are 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world. Only a paltry 69 species can be found in the United States. The German cockroach, being the number one structure-infesting cockroach in the world, is widespread through every state, including states that have cold winters, like Maine. These roaches can live outside when they are in warmer states, but they still live in close proximity to humans. There are no wild populations of German cockroaches in the world. So, you shouldn't be surprised that it is difficult to get German cockroaches out of your Portland home. They don't prefer to be outside, particularly if it's cold out. But, during the summer months, you could have some success. It takes a lot of effort, but the effort is well worth it because these tips will also stunt population growth and help to protect you and your family from roach-related illness.

Protect Food

  • Put fruit in the fridge.

  • Put potatoes in a sealed bin.

  • Refrain from leaving uncovered food on your counters.

  • Put pantry foods in sealed plastic containers.

Remove Food Sources

  • Clean your kitchen and pantry thoroughly. Be sure to get under and around appliances.

  • Clean your dishes as you dirty them, or put them in soapy water.

  • Clean your bathroom. Roaches eat hair, dead skin, and feces.

  • Clean your living room, you would be amazed at the food sources that can be in and underneath a couch.

  • Pick up pet food after meals, and never leave pet food down overnight.

  • Consider making a rule that food is not taken out of the kitchen and dining area until the roaches are gone. This can prevent kids from providing food sources for roaches in their rooms. 

Remove Water Sources

  • Fix leaky faucets, showerheads, and pipes.

  • Fix leaky garbage disposals.

  • Address any leaks in your basement.

  • Put water down for pets only during meals.

  • Refrain from taking showers just before bed.

Address Humidity

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when you shower or bathe. This vents the moisture out and prevents condensation.

  • If you have a humid space, such as high humidity in your basement, consider installing a dehumidifier. Addressing humidity also helps to remove a food source as cockroaches prefer to feed on paper and cardboard that has been moistened by humidity.

Seal Your Exterior

If you take these steps, and you do a thorough job, you can actually drive German cockroaches out of your home. Once they've had time to get out, the next step is to seal entry points in your exterior. Once again, it is important to point out that this is difficult, and cockroaches may still find entry points even after you've put all of that hard work in. But it is worth the effort. Sealing entry points is a proven method for not only deterring cockroaches from entering, but also for deterring a long list of other potential pests.

Pesticides and Baits

Over the last century, we've thrown a lot of things at German cockroaches. Since they are the number one structure-infesting cockroach species, they've had the most exposure to chemicals and baits. This has, in some ways, turned them into super insects. Cockroaches, in general, have an impressive adaptability. When exposed to chemicals, they shed their skins and develop new skins that are more tolerant to the chemicals to which they've been exposed. When they find tainted food sources, such as cockroach bait, cockroaches have shown the ability to alter their taste receptors to register sweet food sources as bitter. This adaptability is at the gene level and is passed to offspring. So, the German cockroaches in your home can hatch from their eggs with an immunity to the product you may use to exterminate them.

Licensed pest professionals use a multi-pronged approach when dealing with German cockroaches. One product and one method are not enough. If you decide to address roaches on your own, you need to be aware of this. But we would not recommend handling this pest problem on your own, due to the complexity of the process, and the consequences of failing to rid your home of roaches. These insects spread illness and damage property.

German Cockroach Control In Portland

If you live in Portland, Maine, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians know what is required to get complete control of German cockroach infestations. We get the results you're looking for and make sure no roaches remain.

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