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Rodents have a long history of human dependency. Mice, rats, and squirrels have many reasons for wanting to be in our yards. We offer them sweet morsels in our trash receptacles. We scatter seeds on the ground and dangle reservoirs of seeds in the air. We create watering holes for them to get a drink. Your property could be the most wonderful place on earth—to a rodent. If so, you're going to have trouble. Rodents have a propensity for getting inside human dwellings and establishing themselves. So, what can you do to get rid of rodents on your Worcester property before that happens? We'll give you a hint: It has to do with removing the factors that lead to dependency. Let's start with the three we mentioned.

Don't Give Rodents Access To Morsels In Your Trash

You might not think that a mouse, rat, or squirrel can get into your trash because they're so small. If so, you may want to rethink things. Have you ever seen a squirrel race up a tree at full speed? It can do that on the exterior of some homes—and they're not the only rodents that can. A mouse can scale some exteriors like Spiderman. Along with this ability to climb, rodents can also leap high into the air. If you have an open trash, rodents can probably get into it.

When it comes to trash, you also have to consider the smell. A dirty trash receptacle has a strong odor that can attract rodents from a distance. This odor can bring rodents into your yard and inspire them to use their strong teeth to chew through the plastic wall that is keeping them from a meal. Keep your receptacles free of strong odors to deter and resist rodent activity near your home.

Feed The Birds, Not The Rodents

If you like to put bird feeders out for the birds to enjoy, we understand. That's fun. You may also like seeing the squirrels come to take advantage of the food source. Squirrels are cool. We get it. But this food source can lead to problems. Squirrels can damage screens on your deck, porch, exterior doors, and exterior windows. They can also get up on your roof and chew a hole to gain access to your attic. At night, when you go to bed, mice and rats can be inspired to establish themselves in your yard to gain access to this desirable food source. You can prevent all of this by putting bird feeders well away from your exterior.

Remove Water Sources

Water is a building block of life. Mice, rats, and squirrels aren't the only animals that will take advantage of a water source. Insects and invertebrates will also be attracted to your yard by water sources. This will give mice, rats, and squirrels even more reason to be in your yard. Mice, rats, and squirrels all dine on insects, caterpillars, centipedes, and other invertebrates. Here are a few suggestions for addressing water sources.

  • Remove containers that capture water.

  • Store objects inside that act as containers.

  • Address conditions that cause ground saturation, such as clogged or broken gutters.

  • Repair plumbing leaks, damaged sprinklers, and leaking hoses.

Other Factors

There are many reasons mice, rats, and squirrels will want to come into your yard. Here are just a few more to consider.

Nuts. If you have nut-producing trees, you can have trouble with rodents. When you collect the nuts, remove them from your property or store them well away from your exterior.

Vegetation. The more your yard feels like nature, the more interesting it will be to rodents. Trim grass. Remove weeds from your landscaping. Trim bushes and shrubs. Keep things as neat as possible.

Clutter. Mice and rats are drawn to clutter. They hide in the gaps between, the space under, and the voids inside. If you have objects that don't need to be in your yard, store them away.

Leaves. It is a lot of work to rake and blow leaves, but it is work that can yield a lot of benefits when it comes to rodents. Mice, rats, and squirrels can find bugs in leaf piles and underneath leaf litter. They also like to get underneath structures that have leaves that shield the wind.


If you're having trouble with rodents and they are persistent, the control method that works to get rid of them is trapping. Unfortunately, trapping is complicated and there are many ways your trapping efforts can fail. Before you spend a lot of money and time on rodent trapping, consider contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our licensed technicians aren't just bug experts. They are highly trained rodent control experts as well. Reach out to us and tell us about your rodent problem. We can help.

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