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Kennebunk, Maine, or “the place to be all year”, is located along the Atlantic Ocean and the Kennebunk River. Kennebunk offers beautiful beaches, outdoor spaces, and gorgeous homes. It acts as both a popular resort destination and a place that many people are lucky enough to call home all year long.
To keep pests out of your Kennebunk home or business throughout the entire year, partner with the New England pest control experts - Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have been providing exceptional pest control services for more than 80 years. We can provide the prevention and control measures needed to protect your Kennebunk home or business from common pests. Give us a call to learn more about our effective and eco-friendly pest control services.

Residential Pest Control Services in Kennebunk, ME

Big Blue Bug Solutions delivers highly-effective pest control services that meet the unique, seasonal needs of New England homeowners. To protect your home from pests that are active throughout the entire year, we have developed our Home Owner’s Policy (HOP). This program protects homes from common pests through 3 preventative service visits, to be completed throughout the year. If a pest problem pops up between our visits, we return for free!
To show our deep commitment to our customers, we offer our exclusive Blue Glove Service. Every technician at Big Blue Bug Solutions wears blue gloves and blue booties when entering your home to ensure that your home remains as clean once we leave as it was before we arrived. To learn more about protecting your Kennebunk home from invasive pests throughout the entire year with the help of HOP or our other residential pest control solutions, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions.


How To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Kennebunk, ME

Living in Maine means that people and mosquitoes are spending most of their time outside at the same time - during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. To help you enjoy your Kennebunk property to its fullest, without the worry of being bitten by disease-spreading mosquitoes, Big Blue Bug Solutions has developed an effective mosquito and tick solution. It includes the identification of areas that develop and harbor mosquitoes, the reduction of breeding sites, larval control, and adult mosquito control.
In conjunction with our professional mosquito solution, the following steps can reduce the number of mosquitoes attracted to your Kennebunk property:

  • Reduce areas of dense, overgrown vegetation on your property. 

  • Keep your lawn cut short. 

  • Remove containers or low-lying areas on your property that can collect standing water. 

  • Limit the amount of flowering vegetation planted on your property.  

To reduce the number of mosquitoes living on your Kennebunk property, call Big Blue Bug Solutions to get started.


Commercial Pest Control In Kennebunk, ME

Big Blue Bug Solutions offers the customized commercial pest control solutions needed to keep your Kennebunk business free of insects and rodents. We understand how devastating pest infestations can be to your business’s reputation which, in turn, can cause a loss of business, revenue, and employees.
To eliminate and control pests in your Kennebunk business, implement Big Blue Bug Solutions' Monthly Maintenance Program, which protects businesses from pests through customized once-a-month visits. During each monthly visit our technicians provide pest monitoring services in addition to performing preventative treatments. Any pest problems that are uncovered during a visit will be taken care of immediately (if possible). To learn more about our industry-leading, cost-effective, and eco-friendly commercial pest control services, reach out to the New England pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions.


How To Identify Bed Bugs In Kennebunk, ME

Don’t leave your ability to identify bed bugs inside your Kennebunk home up to chance. Know what they look like so you can get the professional help needed to rid them from your home as quickly as possible.
Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, wingless, and about the size and shape of an apple seed. They are typically found where people sleep, emerging from their hiding spots at night to feed on human blood. 
During the day you can spot bed bugs in various locations, such as:

  • In the crevices of mattresses and box springs.

  • In the cracks of walls.

  • On floors, carpets, and wooden furniture.

  • Inside outlets.

  • Underneath piles of dirty clothing. 

If you spot bed bugs inside your Kennebunk home, take immediate action and call Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals will quickly come to your aid, complete a thorough inspection of your home and, if bed bug activity is found, act quickly to create a tailored bed bug control plan. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more!

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