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With a population of 90,000 people, the city of Lawrence is one of the busiest communities in Essex County. Local home and business owners love spending time by the Merrimack River in one of the town's local museums or perusing the goods along Lawrence's shopping district.

The pests of Lawrence city are some of the most unrelenting creatures in MA. It takes extreme attention to detail between rodents, roaches, and mosquitoes to perfectly defend your home from dangerous wild animals.

Big Blue Bug Solutions is Lawrence's first line of defense against pests, big or small. Learn more about our programs and the solutions we can offer by contacting our local team now.

Home Pest Control In Lawrence, MA

The homeowners of Lawrence, MA, deserve more than just the bare minimum of pest control solutions. Big Blue Bug Solutions is a powerful partner in the pest management industry, helping to equip homeowners all over Lawrence with inspections, treatments, and actionable answers to infestation.

From your very first call to your final treatment, services from our team adhere to the highest levels of professionalism. We ensure total quality with:

  • White glove service

  • 100% adaptable programs

  • Affordable pricing 

Lock in a residential pest control program you can be proud of with the crew behind Big Blue Bug Solutions. 


Commercial Pest Control In Lawrence, MA

Big Blue Bug Solutions envisions a future without pest infestations. That's why we offer comprehensive commercial pest management programs to industries all over Lawrence.

We are perfectly aware of how frequently your business needs change and are interested in being the change for industries all over the area. Big Blue Bug Solutions makes it our mission to quickly and easily rise to the challenge, addressing issues long before they arise.

Here are just a few of the ways we handle long-term commercial pest control:

  • We follow a monthly maintenance program that addresses your entire property with little hassle.

  • A unique barcoding system makes it easy to manage pest problems and create any reports to governing bodies in your industry.

  • Finally, we continue to return to your property every few weeks to ensure our pest-free guarantee. 

Sign up for the commercial pest control programs of Big Blue Bug Solutions today! 


How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Lawrence, MA 

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that can be found in homes across the Lawrence area. These pests are particularly notorious for the itchy bites they leave behind, which are remnants of feeding on the night before. Although bed bugs are not known to spread any significant diseases or pathogens, they have been associated with several serious side effects, from insomnia to anemia.

Here are a couple of strategies to help prevent the spread of bed bugs in the Lawrence area:

  • After returning from a trip or vacation, wash all clothing items in the highest possible heat setting.

  • Eliminate any chances for bed bugs to spread into your home by storing luggage, backpacks, and bookbags off the floor of travel spaces.

  • Pay close attention to overnight lodgings, and investigate the space for signs of infestation activity.

  • Check all secondhand appliances for signs of pest activity or bed bug odors. If you can't trust the source or the apparatus in question, determine to look elsewhere. 

For over 80 years, Lawrence home and business owners have trusted the sturdy crew behind Big Blue Bug Solutions. We make it easy to protect your home from dangerous bed bug infestations, from commercial buildings to family homes. Call, click, or schedule an appointment with one of our operatives to build a better path for tomorrow. We can't wait to help in any way we can! 


Are Bees In Lawrence Harmful To Humans? 

Stinging insects are known as some of the most aggressive pests in Lawrence's backyards. But many homeowners are asking the question, 'are bees still dangerous to my family and me?'

The truth is, bees are just as dangerous as any other stinging insect in Lawrence. While they may not necessarily be as aggressive as their stinging cousins, bee species are perfectly capable of attacking humans or pets when threatened. Bee stings could lead to some dangerous side effects, from anaphylactic shock to extreme swelling. If you think or know that you have been stung by a Lawrence bee, reach out to medical professionals immediately.

To keep bees out of your lawn and out in the wild, maintain all general pest prevention steps:

  • Eliminate standing water puddles around the house.

  • Cut down on the number of flowing plants in or around the home.

  • Reduce your likelihood of infestation by continuously trimming back large branches or overgrown shrubs.

  • Maximize your chances to recover from any infestation by reaching out to the professional team at Big Blue Bug Solutions. 

Big Blue Bug Solutions is Lawrence's leading provider of bee control and removal services. See our team spring into action by reaching out to our on-call crew today. 


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!


Everything Lawrence Property Owners Should Know About American Cockroaches 

American cockroaches are one of the largest types, often growing up to three inches in length. They are unsightly and incredibly unhygienic, making property owners want to break out the DIY cockroach control products the moment they see this insect. However, DIY cockroach control is not the most reliable way to defeat this pest – professional assistance from Big Blue Bug Solutions is.

American cockroaches are prolific and hardy, effortlessly adapting to their surroundings and scavenging food from virtually anywhere. It is difficult to eradicate this pest as they infiltrate deeply into your property, where they spread disease and can even trigger allergy or asthma issues.

It takes professional treatment to remove every life stage of cockroach from your property, an essential step in tackling active cockroach infestations and preventing reinfestations. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more about how our experienced technicians can help. 


Stop Going Round And Round With Fleas In Lawrence

An incredibly troublesome pest to come to have, fleas can fill your Lawrence property with trouble. Fleas are known for their small size, expert jumping abilities, and itchy flea bites that have the potential to spread disease to the humans and pets living on your property. To stop going round and round with flea infestations, you need to implement some prevention steps, such as:

  • Make sure that pets on your property have a veterinarian approved flea repellant medicine, especially if they spend lots of time outdoors.

  • Cut down long grasses and overgrown foliage outdoors to reduce flea hiding spots.

  • Clean pet bedding regularly and declutter interior areas to remove flea hiding spots and kill off unnoticed flea eggs.

  • Vacuum interior areas often, especially if you have carpet, to remove any fleas or flea eggs hiding out there.

Additionally, every life stage of flea needs to be eliminated from your home if you are to defeat an infestation. Our Big Blue Bug Solutions team will assist you with this process and help you ensure that flea infestations stay gone for good.


Does Seeing One Mouse In My Lawrence Home Mean I Have An Infestation? 

Seeing a mouse around your Lawrence home can be a significant heart-stopper for homeowners. After all, one mouse typically means that there are more – solo mice rarely infiltrate a home unless it is particularly cold outside. Remember that mice infestations often start undetected; when you see mice around your home, this prolific pest has likely made a large nest in a secluded area and is multiplying rapidly.

In addition to seeing a mouse around your home, signs of a major mouse infestation include:

  • Gnaw marks or scratches on walls, furniture, and food packaging.

  • Nesting materials such as shredded paper left around your home, especially near baseboards or walls that the mice might be traveling through and living in.

  • Rustling or squeaking noises from the walls are most commonly heard at night when things are quieter and mice more active.

  • Mouse droppings left around your home or unpleasant odors caused by mouse urine and feces.

  • Grease marks or stains on walls due to this pest running around your home.

When you detect a mouse infestation in your home, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians will help you quickly address your mouse problem and stop this pest from creating more damage or spreading disease around your home.


Is There More Than One Type Of Mosquito In Lawrence?

Mosquitoes are more than just a buzzing nuisance pest that fly around your yard – they can be dangerous due to the possibility of disease transmission in their bites. Even though most mosquitoes look similar, you will find a few different types of mosquitoes around your property. There are over fifty other mosquito species in Massachusetts, but only a few common types tend to infiltrate human spaces or bite humans primarily.

These common types of mosquitoes include:

  • Aedes vexans

  • Coquillettidia perturbans

  • Culex pipiens

  • Culex restuans

  • Culex salinarius

  • Culiseta melanura

  • Ochlerotatus canadensis

  • Ochlerotatus japonicus

The main difference between these mosquitoes is the time of day and the general season in which they are active. Identifying these pests can be challenging without getting too close to them, and an infestation of any of these mosquito species is sure to bring serious issues to your property.

That’s why you need to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to deal with any mosquito problem on your property – allow our technicians to keep you and those you care about safe from the bites and trouble that mosquito infestations bring.

Contact us today to get started.

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