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Ledyard is a Connecticut town that is located in New London County, its position along the Thames River provides its residents with gorgeous views and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. This town provides its residents with close proximity to major area employers including the Naval Submarine Base New London, Foxwoods Resort Casino, and Pfizer. Whether you are a Ledyard home or business owner the New England pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions can provide you with the services you need to protect you and your property from common Connecticut pests like ants, spiders, mice, roaches, bed bugs, clover mites, pantry pests, stinging insects and more! For more than 80 years we have been protecting New England properties from nuisance, dangerous and damaging critters. Contact us today to learn more about any of our highly effective solutions to controlling pests in your Ledyard, CT residential or commercial property.

Residential Pest Control Available In Ledyard, CT

To control pests in your Ledyard home all year long we recommend implementing our Home Owner’s Policy (HOP). HOP includes coverage against most common pests, three preventative maintenance visits per year, and return visits at no additional charge to you if pests come back between visits! Another benefit to choosing Big Blue Bug Solutions is our Blue Glove Service; to help keep your home as clean as it was before we visited, all of our technicians wear blue gloves and blue booties while in your home! In addition to our general residential pest control service - HOP, we offer the following targeted residential pest control services to help eliminate and control specific pests in and around your Ledyard home: carpenter ant solutions, mosquito and tick solutions, termite solutions, wildlife solutions, and pest control insulation. Give us a call to learn more about any of residential pest control programs.



Practical Silverfish Prevention Tips For Ledyard, CT Residents

Not every pest prevention tip on the market is super practical or easily accomplished, so we want to provide you with an easy, short list of prevention tips to keep silverfish out of your Ledyard property. First let’s talk about what a silverfish is, they are an occasional invader who has a unique appearance. Adults grow to between 1/2 and 1 inch in length, they are silver in color and have a tear-dropped shaped body that has 3 bristles coming off of its hind-end. Their most unique feature, however, is the fish-like way that they move across surfaces. These pests tend to enter into homes and other buildings in search of a high humidity environment to live in, they are typically found invading kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Now on to the task at hand, easy, practical ways to keep these pests out!

  • Use liquid cement to fill in cracks found in your home’s basement walls or its foundation

  • Caulk using a caulk gun any spaces found around window and door frames

  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors

  • Put into place a year-round residential pest control program from Big Blue Bug Solutions and never need to worry about silverfish and other common household pests again!



Protect Your Ledyard, CT Business From Pests

Protect your Ledyard business, customers, employees, and brand from pests with the help of the Connecticut commercial pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions.  Our comprehensive, continuous year-round solutions to pests will give you the peace of mind knowing that creepy, crawly, flying, furry critters will never make themselves at home in your Ledyard business again! We control pests through our Monthly Maintenance Program; our professionals make once a month visits to your commercial facility to monitor for pest activity, complete preventative treatments, and will take care of any pest problems found (if possible) immediately. In addition to our Monthly Maintenance program, we offer the following highly effective, eco-friendly, modern services to help ensure that your business becomes and stays free of pests: drain cleaning, bed bug solutions, carpenter ant solutions, mosquito and tick solutions, termite solutions, and wildlife solutions. Call us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions to make your business our business!


How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Ledyard, CT

The best way to avoid bed bugs from making themselves right at home inside of your Ledyard property is to partner with the bed bug experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions. By working together we can inspect your property and if necessary provide you with a highly effective, discreet treatment that will work to completely eliminate all parasitic bed bugs from your property. Treatment always begins with a thorough inspection; we will then put together a treatment plan that is specific to your Ledyard home or business. Don’t let these highly evasive, prolific pests take over your property, contact the bed bug control experts found at Big Blue Bug Solutions today and learn how we can work together to get rid of any size bed bug infestation from any size Ledyard, CT property!


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At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

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