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nibbles in lowell massachusetts

Lowell acts as one of two county seats for Middlesex County, Massachusetts. This lovely city goes by many nicknames, including ‘Mill City,’ ‘Spindle City,’ and ‘City of Lights, City of Magic.’ Lowell was settled in 1652 and continues to be one of the most historical locations in Northeastern America. There are currently 111,000 residents within Lowell’s city limits, although the town is often associated with the Boston metropolitan area.

A large number of people in the city give rise to many other ‘large’ populations, including plentiful eateries, great local museums, and hundreds of localized pest species intent on capitalizing on their gains. Bed bugs, ticks, and rodents are just a few of the city’s most plentiful residents, none of which are much loved by the city’s human inhabitants.

Big Blue Bug Solutions has helped to defend Lowell, MA since our founding more than 80 years ago. With decades of experience under our belts, our award-winning team is equipped to exterminate any pest that comes calling to your home. Learn all about our methods and solutions by submitting an online contact form today. We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon! 

Home Pest Control In Lowell, MA

All Lowell homes and families deserve the actionable protection that comes with Big Blue Bug Solutions’ residential pest control. Unlike our competitors, we harness both prevention and treatment services all at once to create a cohesive solution to any infestation. From single vectors to large intrusions, Big Blue Bug Solutions simplifies the pest control process with expertise, discretion, and awareness.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect with a residential pest control treatment from Big Blue Bug Solutions:

  • Fully licensed and insured technicians are available for every treatment 

  • Expertise with thousands of local pest species and their best treatments 

  • Availability at all times, no matter what (365 days a year) 

  • Affordable costs for all pest solutions

To learn more about the treatments we offer, schedule an initial home inspection with Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Our operatives will be standing by to answer your questions at any time. 


Commercial Pest Control In Lowell, MA

Business owners don’t need another task on their to-do lists. Already stretched thin, handling outbreak events such as pest infestations can be too much.  At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we want to help you make the best decisions for your business by taking over pest management, treatment, and elimination elements.  

Why settle for less when Big Blue Bug Solutions is already the best? Our reputable team of experts is backed by more than 80 years of experience and has an airtight treatment plan that works in almost any environment:

  1. Initial visitations inspect the entire property for signs of pests, including outbuildings and other small locations. 

  2. We spend time looking for ways to treat in a minimally invasive way. We promise to maximize the comfort of you, your customers, and all your trusted employees. 

  3. Once we have applied initial pest treatments, we want to make sure our solutions continue long into the future. If something seems amiss with your treatments, Big Blue Bug Solutions will return to treat the problem for free!

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions of Lowell, MA for a commercial pest control estimate right away. We are committed to offering solutions at all times! 


Ticks And Disease: What Every Lowell, MA Property Owner Ought To Know

If you aren’t concerned about tick disease this year, you should be. Lowell property owners are at serious risk for infection and may experience chronic health problems for weeks, months, or even years.

Tick diseases include just some of the following:

  • Lyme Disease

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

  • Ehrlichiosis

If you think that ticks could be a real concern for your Lowell home, look no further than the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our trained tick elimination experts will work to develop a quote as quickly as possible.


The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Lowell, MA Home  

Bed bug problems are often difficult to spot before becoming a major issue. These insects infest in droves and make it extremely difficult to live in a comfortable environment. Bed bugs leave behind itchy bites and swollen bumps, which may lead to insomnia, anemia, and even secondary infections.

The best way to protect yourself from bed bugs is to spot problems before they begin. Here are a few ways to uncover an infestation before it becomes too late.

  • Look for bed bug spotting (feeding blotches and excrement stains)

  • Strangely sweet or musky scents in the home

  • Piles of bed bug exoskeletons

Get additional bed bug identification tips with help from Big Blue Bug Solutions. Need more than just advice? Schedule an initial bed bug inspection for your property using our online contact forms and get started on our effective bed bug control services.


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!

Wherefore Art Thou?

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At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

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