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For over 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions has been supplying valuable and eco-friendly pest control solutions for homes and businesses in Marlboro, Worcester and throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Home of Nibbles Woodaway, Big Blue Bug takes great pride in effectively getting rid of carpenter ants, termites, rats, mice and even worrisome bed bugs. Contact us today for more information on our commercial and residential services in theMarlboro, Massachusetts region.

What Are Bed Bugs?

After nearly 50 years of dormancy, bed bugs are back and infesting homes and businesses at alarming rates. These flat, oval parasites are generally light brown to reddish brown and can grow to 4 – 5 mm in length and 1.5 – 3 mm in width.  Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, feeding on human blood during the night only to retreat into hiding during the daylight hours.


Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Since bed bugs hide during the day they can be very difficult to detect. Some of the typical signs of bed bug activity are:

  • Small itchy red welts on your skin upon waking

  • Reddish brown spots on linens and mattresses

  • Shed bed bug skins

  • A sweet musty odor similar to over-ripened raspberries will permeate a room

Bed bugs are expert travelers, easily attaching themselves to luggage, purses, used furniture, even people and can rapidly infest homes as well as hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, university dorms, retail stores and movie theaters. Some of the most common places bed bug colonies hide during the day are in mattresses and box springs, in carpeting and under floorboards, in crevasses of upholstered furniture and behind outlets and in electronics.


How Do I Get Rid OF Bed Bugs?

Once you have noticed the presence of bed bugs, you should contact Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately. Bed bug infestations are very difficult to identify and eliminate, which is why our team of experts have been specifically trained to find and get rid of bed bugs in a quick and timely manner. For more information on our residential and commercial bed bug solutions, contact Big Blue Bug today!


Complete Marlboro Pest Control Service

Along with our bed bug services, Big Blue Bug in Marlboro offers a variety of commercial and residential pest control services, including:

  • General Residential Services

  • General Commercial Services

  • Termite Solutions

  • Carpenter Ant Solutions

  • Mosquito and Tick Solutions

  • Wildlife Solutions

For all your Marlboro pest control needs, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions, a trusted pest control company for New England homes and businesses.

Wherefore Art Thou?

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At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

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