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When in New Haven, you can’t help but notice the beauty of the tree-lined streets, the building’s gorgeous architecture, and the family-friendly atmosphere. A coastal city in Connecticut, New Haven is home to Yale and New Haven Green, a well-used and well-loved park located right in the center of the city. Unfortunately, like in any other city, New Haven is not home to just people, but to many species of insects and rodents. Stop pests from finding their way into your New Haven home or business by taking action today with the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals work with you to solve your pest problems once and for all. Discover all that our residential and commercial pest control solutions have to offer. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

Home Pest Control In New Haven, CT

There are many species of insects and rodents that invade our homes. They have come to somewhat depend on us for sources of food, water, and shelter. Partnering with Big Blue Bug Solutions is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of the pests currently living in and around your home and to also prevent future pest problems. Pests like ants, roaches, rodents, crickets, spiders, and more are no match for our experienced and dedicated technicians.
Our technicians use our Home Owner’s Policy (HOP) plan to provide the year-round protection needed to maintain a pest-free household. Included in HOP:
  • Three preventative maintenance visits each year.
  • Free return visits if pests come back between routine visits.
  • Our Blue Glove Service. All our technicians wear blue gloves and blue booties when in your home, keeping it as clean as it was before we arrived.
If you are a homeowner looking for exceptional pest control services, look no further, the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions are ready to assist you. Learn more about our residential pest control services by reaching out to us today!

Commercial Pest Control In New Haven, CT

Commercial pest control is essential to the success of any business. All it takes is one bad review on social media to damage a business’s reputation. Keeping pests out of your facility is essential to your business’s reputation and because they can create a lot of other problems including:
  • Damaging the structure of your facility.
  • Damaging equipment.
  • Spreading bacteria and human pathogens to customers and employees.
  • Contaminating food.
  • Causing failed inspections and loss of licenses.
  • Causing a loss of revenue.
As you can see, keeping pests away from and out of your business is important for many reasons. To help you achieve your goal of maintaining a pest-free property, let the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions help. For over 80 years, we have been providing commercial pest protection to businesses throughout New England. For business owners looking to protect their business from pests, Big Blue Bug Solutions works with you to accomplish this goal. Learn more by giving us a call today.

Benefits Of Pest Control Insulation In New Haven, CT

What if your home’s insulation could do more than keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer? What if it could help keep pests out of your home? Pest control insulation does this! It can give you superior temperature control and help give you a pest-free home. Big Blue Bug Solutions installs TAP insulation in new buildings or on top of existing insulation. Benefits of using TAP insulation include:
  • Saves money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Resists the growth of mold.
  • The insulation is fire retardant.
  • Through a natural borate insecticide combined with cellulose fibers, TAP insulation repels pests such as rodents, ants, and termites.
To learn more about keeping pests out of your home and saving money on heating and cooling costs, call Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

3 Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In New Haven, CT

When it comes to bed bugs, the unfortunate truth is they are tricky pests to avoid because our blood is their favorite source of food. Bed bugs like to live near their food, which means bed bugs live wherever there are people; inside homes, public transportation, hotels, schools, or any other public place. By being vigilant and knowing some ways to avoid bed bugs, you can lower the risk of introducing them into your home.
Our top 3 ways to avoid bed bugs include:
  • Never purchase used furniture, mattresses, or box springs for use in your home. Bed bugs can hide within these items and enter into your home unnoticed.
  • Never place personal belongings on the floor of public places or touching other people’s belongings. Bed bugs travel by hitchhiking and will crawl onto your belonging from the floor or another person’s coat or bag.
  • At home, it can be helpful to catch stray bed bugs by regularly vacuuming your home’s floors. It is also important to wash and dry all bedding weekly on a high-heat setting, inspecting mattresses and box springs during the process.
Despite your best efforts, bed bugs want to be with people and have the potential to hitchhike their way into any home. If you ever discover bed bugs in your New Haven home, immediately contact Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians use our effective bed bug control solutions to quickly and discreetly get rid of bed bugs. Call us today to learn more!

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