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Professional Pest Control In Norwalk, CT

Overlooking the Long Island Sound, the Fairfield County city of Norwalk is a bustling community filled with diverse eateries, attractions like The Maritime Museum of Norwalk, and beautiful beaches. And with close proximity to New York City, Norwalk makes for an ideal location for individuals who commute. With four typical New England seasons, the backdrop is preferred by many; however, it also makes way for pest problems at any turn. Luckily, there’s help! For over 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions has been providing local homeowners and businesses with environmentally sound solutions to any pest problem they could face. Our technicians are always professional and hardworking, answering all of your questions along the way. And with our commitment to respecting your property, our Blue Glove Service will always leave things cleaner than how we found them. To learn more about our pest control services, contact us today. 

Home Pest Control In Norwalk, CT

When pest problems happen in your Norwalk home, they can be very scary and stressful. Whether you suspect a bed bug problem or notice a mouse scampering across your kitchen floor, that’s an unwanted sight in anyone’s book. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we’re the team you turn to for reliable residential pest control season after season. Our experienced and friendly technicians are there to walk you through whatever pest problems you may have and answer your questions in the process. Our residential pest control program includes three service visits each year in order to treat your property and assess for any pest activity. If any pest issues develop between scheduled visits, we’ll return to your home and treat the problem for free. This plan will keep you protected from rodents, cockroaches, spiders, millipedes, ants, and more. If your needs surpass general pest control, we also offer specialized treatments for mosquitoes and ticks, carpenter ants, termites, and wildlife. And every service follows our strict Blue Glove Service, which means that our technicians will always leave your home cleaner than we found it. 

To keep your home and everyone in it protected from pests all year long, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 


Commercial Pest Control In Norwalk, CT

Pest problems can be detrimental to your business when they happen, whether they’re big or small. They can harm your staff and customers’ health, damage your property in unimaginable ways, and harm your reputation in the process. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we provide industries of many backgrounds with commercial pest control that is reliable season after season. Our environmentally sound methods are guided by Integrated Pest Management in order to understand the root cause of your problems and create customized treatment plans that you can trust. These exacting plans are built to meet your specific industry’s requirements, whether you’re in healthcare, food service, hospitality, education, or more. Our commercial pest control program provides monthly service calls in order to proactively treat your property while also monitoring for potential issues and adapting any of our treatments accordingly. And with our exclusive barcoding system, we’re able to provide business owners with detailed reporting every time. 

For more information on our commercial pest control solutions, contact us today. 


Are These Carpenter Ants In My Norwalk Home?

Though there are differences between the way they work, carpenter ants and termites actually cause very similar damage inside Norwalk homes. The best way to determine whether or not you have carpenter ants in your home is that the reproductive males and queens look like ants with wings. They’re generally larger than most house ants you’ll find, but come with bent antennae, three sets of legs, a heart-shaped head, and are black or reddish-brown in coloring. Their wings will be uneven as well. Carpenter ants can also be seen coming and going from areas of wood around the home. 

To protect your home with the most secure form of carpenter ant control, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.


How To Deter Mice From Your Property In Norwalk

Mice are problematic pests that tend to take up shelter in Norwalk properties when conditions outside grow cold. In order to make your property unattractive to these pests, try these tips:

  • Secure your home’s foundation. Tend to the cracks and openings around the foundation with rodent-proof materials like sheet metal, wire mesh, steel wool, and silicone-based caulk. 

  • Store food properly. Mice are scavengers, so always keep food and pantry items in airtight containers and avoid leaving anything out that’s uncovered. 

  • Keep things clean. Clean your home regularly, removing any clutter, tending to crumbs and spills, and storing your trash in a bin with a lid, removing trash routinely. 

  • Always close your outside doors. This may seem like a no-brainer, but mice can very easily slip through doors or garages that aren’t fully closed. 

  • Keep bird feeders at a distance. Enjoy the birds attracted to your property from a distance, because if bird feed gets thrown too close to your home itself, mice will follow the trail into your home. 

For the safest form of rodent control, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!

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