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nibbles in pawcatuck connecticut

Pawcatuck is an adorable village found in the town of Stonington Connecticut, aptly named for its location along the Pawcatuck River. It is a quaint village that is home to family-friendly neighborhoods, local businesses and to the well-known Mechanic Street Historic District. To protect people, new buildings, or historic structures from the pests that also live along the Pawcatuck River -- pests who often take advantage of the food, water, and shelter found in Pawcatuck homes and businesses -- turn to the New England pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We always provide our home and business owners with the most effective and responsible pest control solutions possible. General pest control, targeted solutions, and more; we have what you need to maintain a Pawcatuck property that is free of pests.

Residential Pest Control in Pawcatuck, CT

At Big Blue Bug Solutions we have residential pest control programs available to cover all of your pest control needs. Insects, rodents, and wildlife, our professionals and our industry-leading services can quickly solve any pest problem in your Pawcatuck home. Our residential pest control solutions/programs include:

Get in touch with us today to learn more about any of our residential pest control programs and why they are the right choice for your Pawcatuck home!


Earwig Prevention Tips for Pawcatuck, CT Residents

Earwigs are a common household invader and are a nuisance pest that could easily end up inside of your Connecticut home if the proper precautions are not taken. These insects are typically found outside living in dark, damp, moist areas like underneath of landscaping ties, mulch, fallen logs, and in other similar environments. However, if the weather becomes too uncomfortable, either it becomes too hot and dry or too cold, they tend to seek shelter inside of homes, garages, and sheds. They also find their way inside of homes when they are accidentally introduced inside on the bottom of newspapers, packages, and potted plants. If you ever find your home infested with these long-bodied, dark brown creatures, with pincer-like appendages coming off of their hind-end, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions. We can come quickly to your aid and put into place a plan of action to get rid of the earwigs and any other household pests that have decided make themselves at home inside of your Pawcatuck home! In addition to year-round pest control from Big Blue Bug Solutions, the following tips can help you to prevent these pests from making their way into your home:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home, sealing any gaps found in the foundation, and repairing any missing or damaged weather stripping found around windows and doors.

  • Remove piles of grass, leaves, sticks, and other organic debris from your property that may attract earwigs.

  • Install dehumidifiers in your home’s basement to reduce moisture levels.

  • Check your home’s gutters and make sure that are in good working order and are directing rainwater away from the exterior of your home.


Commercial Pest Control Services in Pawcatuck, CT

Our professionals truly understand how important having in place a commercial pest control program that you can count on is to the success of your business. A single sighting of a fly, ant, spider or other pest has the potential to affect your company’s bottom line. To protect your business, customers, employees, and reputation from the threat of pests, turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions. We will customize a program to fit your exact pest control needs. Through our monthly maintenance program, our professionals visit your commercial facility once a month providing monitoring services, preventative treatment, and if any pest activity is found, taking care of it immediately (if possible). An additional benefit of choosing us for your commercial pest control needs includes the use of our Bar Code Monitoring System which provides our customers with access to accurate reports which include the time of service, pest activity, materials used, and more. Don’t let the threat of pests affect your business’ bottom line for another day, give us a call to start protecting yourself and your operation with the help of the commercial pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions!


Learn How to Identify Bed Bugs in Pawcatuck, CT

Identifying any species of insect can be a tricky task for any homeowner; many insects look and act very similar. The best way to accurately identify the presence of bed bugs in your Pawcatuck home is to contact a professional that has a vast amount of experience, education, and training needed to identify the presence of these invasive parasitic pests. While identifying bed bugs can be tricky, it is still important to have a general idea of what these blood-feeding pests look like. Adults grow to be about 1/4 of an inch in length, have a flat oval shape, six legs, and are reddish brown in color; many people say they look basically like an apple seed with legs! The nymphs are much smaller, are whitish in color, and are much more difficult to spot, though if they have recently fed they will be bright red in color and much easier to see. If you have seen bed bugs in your Pawcatuck home or even just suspect that you may have an infestation don’t delay in contacting us for help. At Big Blue Bug Solutions we can take care of any size bed bug infestation with our bed bug solutions, which include accurate inspections, effective treatments, and results that you can count on. Contact us today to learn more!

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