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Big Blue Bug, formerly known as New England Pest Control, has been proudly serving Paxton, as well as communities throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut with the very best in residential and commercial pest control services.  Since 1935, we have effectively gotten rid of termites, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and many other problem pests with quick and efficient pest control methods and techniques, paying close attention to ensure we have not only eliminated your pest, but put into place preventative measures to keep them from returning.  If your Paxton home or business is in need of professional pest control, you can count on Big Blue Bug to deliver the very best in pest extermination.

What Are Termites?

As one of the most destructive pests found in the Paxton, termites cost nearly 5 billion dollars annually in damage to homes and businesses throughout the United States.  Termites are small, white to nearly translucent wood consuming insects that silently eat tunnels and galleries within the wooden structure of your building sometimes over many years. Termites do not bite, sting, or carry disease, but they can indirectly pose dangers to humans by weakening building’s structures.


Signs of Termites In Paxton

While termites are difficult to detect there are some telltale signs of termite activity to look out for:

  • Small holes in wood surfaces

  • Sagging window and door frames

  • Mud tubes running along foundations and in basements

  • Floors and ceiling appearing “squishy” or water damaged

  • Swarming termites, especially in the Spring

  • Crumbling drywall or plaster

  • Shed swarmer wings near windows

As difficult as termites are to detect, they are even harder to eliminate.  If you have noticed any of these signs of termite activity, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and let our Paxton termite exterminators resolve your termite issue today!


Paxton MA Termite Control

Big Blue Bug’s termite control services were designed to quick and effectively eliminate entire termite colonies while remaining sensitive to the environment.  Our termite control in Paxton includes:

  • A thorough inspection and accurate identification

  • Recommendations on how to make your home less favorable to termite activity

  • Treatment to eliminate the current infestation of an undetectable product to termites that is injected into the soil that targets termites where they are coming from

  • A one year termite warranty that can be renewed annually AND that can be transferred to new owners if sold

If you think you may be suffering from a termite infestation or if you just want to be proactive against future termite infestations, contact our Paxton office and schedule an appointment today!


Complete Pest Control Services from Big Blue Bug

If termites are not your problem, but mice, ants, bed bugs, or any other pest is, we can still help!  Big Blue Bug Solutions offers a wide variety of pest control options for your Paxton home and business, including:

Home Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Mosquito and Tick Solutions

Bed Bug Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

For more information on our termite control or any other pest control service we offer, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

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