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Sporting a rich industrial history, the locals of Peabody, MA, are proud of the endearing legacy of their town. Since its foundation in 1626, Peabody has been recognized as one of the oldest and most historic cities on the East Coast. If you plan to stop by for some history, look no further than the Institute Library, the local tanneries, or the impressive Independence Greenway.

For over 80 years, the home and business owners have trusted the professionals of Big Blue Bug Solutions with all their pest management needs. Invest with a team that cares by submitting an online contact form at any time. 

Home Pest Control In Peabody, MA

Homeowners deserve to live in a pest-free home, and Peabody locals are no exception. Hundreds of residents trust the outstanding services of Big Blue Bug Solutions, a local provider of adaptable treatments and comprehensive solutions.

We follow the three I’s to make your home safe:

  • Investigation

  • Investment

  • Integration 

Schedule your first-ever residential pest control visit from Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Make an appointment online to book a time that meets your needs. 


Commercial Pest Control In Peabody, MA

Many commercial businesses in Peabody have struggled with at least one pest infestation in the last 12 months. According to recent statistics, as many as 80% of Americans have struggled with a pest infestation in the past year. Severe pest infestations cost enterprises over 6.8 billion dollars per year, more than the global cost of termite-related damages.

The numbers don’t lie: commercial pest infestations are much too dangerous to leave up to chance.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we don’t just believe in pest control – we believe in total pest management for businesses of all kinds. We regularly offer our services to the following industries:

  • Food Service 

  • Healthcare 

  • Education 

  • Retail 

  • Manufacturing 

  • And More! 

Learn more about commercial pest control by calling the Peabody office of Big Blue Bug Solutions. 


Why Professional Wasp Removal In Peabody is Worth It

From hornets and wasps to yellow jackets and sweat bees, the wasps of Peabody, MA, are not a pest to be ignored.

Wasps are considered to be one of the most dangerous stinging insects around. With their ability to fly at breakneck speeds, even the quickest runners cannot escape a hive of angry wasps. These pests are characterized by their short tempers and extremely low tolerances and are known for stinging anything that comes too close for comfort.

Although it may seem tempting, it is never a good idea to attempt controlling wasps on your own. Risking a sting could lead to health complications or medical treatments, as well as painful stings that take several days to heal. Because of this, professional pest control is the safest and most effective form of wasp management. Here are some other reasons why considering professional wasp removal in Peabody is a good idea:

  1. Professional wasp control addresses all potential hives in a single session. In contrast, do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts may take several iterations to treat.

  2. Professional wasp solutions also include prevention steps, which carefully defend your home against incursions by dangerous species.

  3. DIY controls may be toxic at high concentrations and may end up doing more harm than good. In contrast, professional pest control methods offer low-impact, extremely safe services that drastically reduce your risk factors. 

Schedule your professional wasp removal service from Big Blue Bug Solutions. 


Avoid Attracting Mice Into Your Peabody Home

You may not realize it, but you could be attracting mice into your Peabody home.

Rodents do not need much, only warm shelter, constant water, and an abundant food supply. Mice, in particular, require very little to survive. Although they are almost entirely dependent on humans, these pests can live through harsh winters, limited food supplies, and severe droughts for many months.

Here are some ways you could be attracting mice into your Peabody home without realizing it:

  • Leaving unsecured garbage on the counters or in garbage cans

  • Failing to wash and thoroughly dry dishes in the home, mainly when there is a high amount of food left waste left behind

  • Large entry points that could allow pests to scramble inside. 

The prevention of mice in Peabody always begins with DIY controls. However, the treatment of serious infestations always begins with Big Blue Bug Solutions. In all our mouse solutions, we strive to provide nothing but the best:

  • Comprehensive pest control opportunities that address pests while keeping your home and family safe

  • Identification of attractant factors in and around the home, as well as actionable tips to improve security.

  • Prevention, traps, and monitoring stations that remove the guesswork from mouse treatments. 

Start living a mouse-free life with the team behind Big Blue Bug Solutions. We are standing by to answer the phone at a time convenient to you. 


Quick Guide to Identifying Ants in Peabody

Ants are a common pest in Peabody, but they’re not all the same. Here are some of the most common types of ants and what’s important to know about them:

  • Carpenter ants: This species of ant is large, black, and primarily known for the property damage that they cause, which resembles damage caused by termites. 

  • Odorous house ants: The odorous house ant is the type of ant that most homeowners find loitering around kitchen trash bins and spills on countertops. They are not a serious threat, but they do have an off-putting smell when they’re crushed. 

  • Red imported fire ants: It’s hard to miss the red imported fire ant because of its striking reddish-brown coloring. They usually live beneath the ground, and if their mounds get disturbed, they are likely to sting, which can produce very serious allergic reactions like vomiting and swelling. 

  • Pavement ants: These small black ants usually live outside and can be found around the crevices in driveways and sidewalks. They will only sting if they feel threatened; however, they are still considered a nuisance. 

For more information on complete ant control, call Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 


Are Bats In Peabody Dangerous?

Bats roost in the attics of Peabody properties because they offer the seclusion and protection that bats so desire. They also provide access to food and water, and they never have to leave if they don’t want to. Unfortunately, because bats usually go undetected in attics, they’re able to let their dangers mount, which puts homeowners at further risk.

To start, bats are linked with the spread of rabies and histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection that occurs in the lungs when people breathe in the spores from bat droppings, which are otherwise known as guano. These same droppings can accumulate in great quantities that have been known to force ceilings to collapse entirely. Bats can also cause serious property damage when they make themselves at home in attics because they can ruin insulation. This can lead to exposure to future pest problems and issues with energy costs as a result.

Bats are also known carriers of parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites, which can be detrimental to both people and their pets. These pests spread pathogens that lead to tularemia, Lyme disease, tapeworm, heartworm, and murine typhus. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we take bats seriously, which is why we offer reliable bat control and sanitation services. For more information, call us today.


Do We Really Have Bed Bugs In Peabody?

Peabody is a quiet, tight-knit seaside community just north of Boston, and while it gives off small-town vibes, there are real pest problems, like bed bugs, that lurk around local properties. Bed bugs are parasites that require human blood in order to survive, and the population of Peabody is plentiful enough to give them exactly what they need.

Residents can encounter bed bugs at the shopping mall, at schools, in movie theaters, while staying at bed and breakfasts, or after eating at a restaurant. They can also hide out in used couches, furniture, and mattresses until an unsuspecting person brings those items home and an infestation that was dormant starts up again. Bed bugs can also work their way from one property to another or travel between the shared walls in apartment buildings and condos. Bed bugs require several feedings a week when temperatures are warm; however, once the conditions begin to cool down, they need fewer feedings, which makes them harder to detect.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know how prevalent bed bugs are in the area, which is why we provide comprehensive bed bug removal services in Peabody that use only eco-friendly products and come with our pest-free guarantee. For more information on these offerings, please call us today.


What's Attracting Mosquitoes To My Peabody Home?

Mosquitoes will appear around your Peabody home each spring and last throughout the fall because they are seasonal pests that begin to show themselves once temperatures and humidity levels rise. This is precisely why you might notice the bulk of them during the summertime. There are, however, other factors that are responsible for the number of mosquitoes that you see around your property.

If you have areas of standing water, then you might be seeing more mosquitoes because these locations are ideal for them when it comes to laying their eggs. Places like bird baths, fish ponds, kiddie pools, and pet bowls are often responsible for these situations. Additionally, if there are areas around your yard where water can pool up and sit, then you might also experience higher mosquito populations. Conditions that produce a lot of shade may also attract mosquitoes to your property, as can piles of yard clutter because mosquitoes seek dark and damp conditions to hide amidst. You may also notice a higher rate of mosquitoes when there are people around, because the females need your blood in order to reproduce. For more information on Peabody mosquito control for your home, call Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!

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