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Experienced Pest Control Insulation Installers

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have been a leader in the Rhode Island pest control industry since 1935, and we are now proud to offer residential customers a new product that will take care of insect infestations, effectively insulate your home and help you save money on energy bills all at once!  Whether you're replacing old insulation, adding extra insulation to your existing home, or insulating a brand new home, consider pest control insulation from Big Blue Bug Solutions. 

Why Pest Control Insulation?

The pest control insulation from Big Blue Bug Solutions is a natural fiber, borate insulation that effectively controls unwanted pests like cockroaches, termites, silverfish, ants, and it can even protect against insects that may enter your attic or walls when mice or other rodents hide their food. Along with pest control properties, pest control insulation can:

  • Save you money! When added to your home's existing insulation or installed in a brand new home, our pest control insulation will help keep the living areas in your home comfortable.  This means you can keep your heating and cooling bills from skyrocketing!

  • Absorbs sound! Pest control insulation creates a barrier that will help reduce outside noise such as busy roads and dogs barking from disturbing you indoors.  It can also reduce noises from traveling within your home, such as loud music or the toilet flushing.

  • Protects the environment! So many products say they are "green", but pest control insulation really is. Pest control insulation is made from at least 80% recycled paper, which will reduce your home’s carbon footprint by saving energy, and provides no post-installation waste

For more information on pest control insulation and how it can benefit your home in Providence, Shrewsbury, or elsewhere in our New England service area, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!

Benefits Of TAP Pest Control Insulation

Big Blue Bug FAQ's

Did you know that TAP insulation can save you money? Did you know that TAP insulation is beneficial for both new homes and existing homes? There is nothing worse than going through the painful process of buying a home only to have it invaded by an unwanted guest! TAP insulation can help resist these pests and even protect your home from fire! Learn more about the other benefits of this insulation.

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