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Tony Answers Common Pest Related Questions


What is the difference between ants and termites?

Ants have a segmented body divided into three parts.  Its top wings are larger than the bottom wings and its antennae are bent; while a termite's body is one piece, all its wings are the same size and it has straight antennae.  Learn more about termites and termite damage.


How are mice getting into my home?

Unfortunately, a mouse only needs a hole one quarter of an inch, or the size of a dime to get into your structure.  Sealing off those entry points will help deter mice and other pests.


Why are roaches so hard to get rid of?

There are three reasons that make getting rid of cockroaches so difficult.  The first is that these insects can hide in the smallest of cracks or crevices.  The second is that cockroaches will eat anything, including glue on paper bags and boxes.  The third reason is that they reproduce every 30 days and may have 30 to 50 babies each time.  Learn more about roaches and cockroach control.


What are these worms in my kitchen?

If you are seeing worms on the ceiling, they are most likely the larval stage of the Indian Meal Moth and this means that you probably have an infestation in one or more of your dry food ingredients, such as flour, cereal, nuts etc.


Why are there ants near my dishwasher?

Ants, such as carpenter ants, love dishwashers because they provide them with heat, moisture and food particles.  Learn more about carpenter ants in Rhode Island.

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