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What are flies?

Flies are insects that have a single pair of wings. There are many different kinds of flies that pose threats to property owners around the country, but the professionals at Big Blue Bug mostly see the blow or bottle fly, the fruit fly and the house fly in Providence, Worcester, Shrewsbury, and elsewhere in New England.

What do they look like?

Blow flies (also known as bottle flies) are approximately 1/8 of an inch to 5/8 of an inch long, similar to the size of a house fly. They have sponging mouthparts that allow them to suck up liquids and their antennae are feathery. They are metallic blue, green or brassy colored and can sometimes be black.

Fruit flies are tiny, approximately 1/8 of an inch long, including their wings. They have antennae with a feathery bristle and wings with thickened front margins that intersect in two places. They are usually tan/brownish yellow or brownish black with bright red eyes.

The house fly is between 1/8 of an inch and 1/4 of an inch long and dull gray. They have 2 velvety strips on their faces and the thorax has 4 narrow strips. They also have sponging mouthparts and feed on liquids.

Do flies bite?

Some flies do have a penchant for biting, but not blow flies, fruit flies or house flies. The flies that do bite include horse flies, deer flies, black flies and mosquitoes, among others.  When these flies bite, they can leave an uncomfortable and itchy spot that turns red. 

Are they dangerous?

Yes, flies can be dangerous. House flies, for example, have the ability to spread diseases by collecting pathogens on their legs and the hairs of their bodies and then depositing these pathogens on the foods that we eat. House flies are known to spread over 30 bacterial and protozoan diseases, including typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dysentery, anthrax, polio, diarrhea, cholera, conjunctivitis, tapeworm, pinworm and hookworm.

What are the signs of a fly infestation?

You will definitely know if you have an infestation of flies! You’ll see flies everywhere, swarming your home in many different rooms, but especially in the kitchen, near your food sources.

Why do I have flies?

You probably have flies in your home or business because they have found a way inside and are looking for a source of food and a safe place to breed. Different flies prefer different types of foods, so some may be attracted to meat, animal carcasses (including birds and other small animals), decaying vegetation, garbage and excrement. Flies are also attracted to fresh fruits and vegetables, including bananas, strawberries, peaches and tomatoes as well as fermenting liquids, including beer, cider, wine and vinegar.

How do I get rid of flies?

Getting rid of flies in and around your environment can be quite a challenging task. You must eliminate all the possibly entry points as well as any sources of food that may be attracting flies. If you don’t fully eliminate the sources of infestation, you can quickly find that these pests will return with full force. Contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug for quick and efficient pest removal and services to keep pests from returning.  

Fly prevention tips from Big Blue Bug Solutions

Fly prevention requires a significant amount of sanitation that must be kept up at all times. Flies can be very difficult to completely prevent because they enjoy a wide variety of food sources and will breed in many different places, so it can be difficult for home and business owners to realize exactly what is attracting these pests. If you have a fly infestation on your property, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We are committed to helping you keep your property pest free and we have the pest control techniques necessary to help eliminate flies that may be posing a threat to your health, home and property.

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