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paper wasp on a leaf in rhode island

What are paper wasps?

Paper wasps are a type of wasp that feeds on the nectar and pollen of plants. They create their nests out of plant materials and saliva; and as their name suggests once built it looks like it is made out of paper. A paper wasp nest consists of multiple compartments that are not covered. The compartments are where they lay eggs and also where they raise their young. Their umbrella shaped nests are often found hanging under protective overhangs around doors and under roof eaves.

What do they look like?

Paper wasps have a narrow waist and long legs that hang below them as they fly. They have brown bodies with yellow markings on their heads, thoraxes, and abdomens.

Do paper wasps bite?

Paper wasps do not bite. They do sting and unlike the honey bee can sting multiple times.

Are paper wasps dangerous?

Paper wasps can be dangerous. Though they’re not super aggressive, they will defend their nests if threatened. Their venom can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people that requires immediate medical attention.

What are the signs of a paper wasp infestation?

An umbrella shaped nest is a clear indication of paper wasps. Seeing these stinging insects flying inside your home or on your property is another give away.

Why do I have a paper wasp problem?

Paper wasps may move indoors in order to escape colder weather. On milder days, they may become active inside that space. Though they don’t tend to be a problem around outdoor dining areas like other stinging insects, paper wasps may feed on damaged or ripened fruit and on sweet materials like aphid produced honey dew.

How do I get rid of paper wasps?

Getting rid of paper wasps from your property can be very dangerous and tough to do on your own. The pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions provide residential pest control services that address both stinging insects and other pests. Our Home Owner’s Policy (HOP) is a great way to protect your family and home from nuisance and potentially dangerous insects. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today for more information about our effective home pest control services in RI, MA, and CT.

Paper wasp prevention tips from Big Blue Bug Solutions

Preventing paper wasps from nesting on your property is impossible. You can prevent them from building nests indoors by sealing gaps along your homes roof line, exterior, windows and doors.

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