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skunk on a lawn in massachusetts

What are skunks?

Skunks or “polecats” are nocturnal mammals that are commonly found throughout the region. The skunk’s most distinctive feature is their ability to spray a foul smelling liquid from glands located underneath their tails to deter predators.

What do they look like?

There are many different species of skunks, but the striped skunk is black in color with one or two white strips going down their back and tail. They can range in weight from 7-14 pounds and are 22-30 inches in length; and in general are the size of a small house cat.

Do skunks bite?

Healthy skunks have the ability to bite but rarely do, instead if threatened they will use their main defense mechanism of spraying their victims.

Are skunks dangerous?

Skunks can be dangerous, skunks can carry rabies therefore if you or a pet are scratched or bitten you should seek immediate medical attention.

What are the signs of a skunk infestation?

If skunks are on your property you will notice signs of them foraging and digging through your garbage, garden, and if pets are fed outside, you may spot them eating their food. Skunks like to burrow so you may see signs of digging underneath of decks, sheds and other structures. If they find their way inside your home you will hear scratching and digging sound from in your attic or behind your walls.

Why do I have a skunk problem?

Skunks are often attracted to properties while searching for food and shelter.

How do I get rid of skunks?

Skunks can be difficult and dangerous to eliminate from your home and property. In general professional help will be needed. If you need help with wildlife control in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Skunk prevention tips from Big Blue Bug Solutions

Make sure to store pet food in a sealed plastic or metal container, if pets are fed outside pick up any uneaten food within a short period of time. Keep garbage in sealed containers away from the exterior of your home. Gardens and compost piles should be created a distance from the exterior of your home as well. Make sure that vents, windows and other areas of your home that could allow skunks inside are properly sealed.

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