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vole in a yard

What are voles?

Voles are a small species of mammal that are part of the rodent family.  Voles are sometimes confused with the common house mouse however, voles spend their entire lives living outdoors and it is very uncommon for them to invade the inside of a home or other building.  Voles are known for creating underground tunnels and burrows that they use to store food inside of and this is also where they give birth to and raise their young.

What do they look like?

Adult voles range in length from 5-8 inches including their short fur covered tail.  Voles have a short stocky body, short legs, small dark eyes, and fully developed ears that are partially hidden from view.  Voles range in color from brownish to black.

Do voles bite?

Voles have teeth and therefore are capable of biting; however, it would be very rare to actually be bitten by a vole.

Are voles dangerous?

Voles are not considered to be physically dangerous to people; but, they are dangerous in the sense that they can spread disease through their urine and feces and introduce parasites onto your property.  They also can cause major damages to lawns, fruit trees, landscaping, and grain crops.

What are the signs of a vole infestation?

The most notable sign of a vole infestation is finding above ground “runways”.  Voles use these runways for travel and they also connect the entrances of their burrows together.  The runways are usually about 1-2 inches wide and are typically found in grassy areas.  Active runways will have lots of vole droppings on their surface.  Another sign of a vole infestation is plants and grasses that have wilted and turned yellowish in color.

Why do I have a vole problem?

Voles tend to invade properties that have big open lawns or that are located next to such properties like golf courses and parks.  They are often found burrowing on properties that have a lot of vegetation for them to feed on and that can provide a good source of shelter.

How do I get rid of voles?

Voles are a difficult pest to get rid of without the help of a professional pest control expert. The experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions are able to thoroughly inspect your property and find all the areas where voles are feeding and living, and then we will humanely eliminate them from your lawn.  If you need help with vole control in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut contact the vole professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Vole prevention tips from Big Blue Bug Solutions

Preventing voles from wandering onto your property to feed and burrow is a very tricky task.  The best way to prevent major problems and damages from this pest is to make sure you seek professional help at the first sign of voles living on your property.

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