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nibbles in raynham massachusetts

You’ve done everything right. You’ve vacuumed and mopped on a regular basis. You have made sure the trash bag doesn’t stay in the can once it’s full. You’ve kept your dishes washed, your pantry organized, and still you find mouse droppings in the cupboard, bats in the attic and fleas on your pets. It seems, no matter what you do, rodents and insects still are managing to find their way in. The only easy way to protect your home or business from pests is with Big Blue Bug Solutions! We’ve been offering pest control in Raynham for more than 80 years. Over the years we have grown into one of the largest pest control companies in southern New England. Even though we have grown over the years, our priorities have remained the same; eliminating your pest problems in a professional, responsible way. We have an unmatched reputation amount Raynham exterminators and we take pride in that accomplishment.

Got Carpenter Ants In Raynham?

Got Carpenter Ants in Raynham? People often confuse termites and carpenter ants. While both can do significant structural damage to your home or business, there are some obvious differences. First, termites and carpenter ants look very different. Termites are white in color while carpenter ants are black, red or a combination of black and red. Both termites and carpenter ants like damp, dead wood but the reason they stick around once they’ve found it is different. Termites eat wood, while carpenter ants more or less find it to be a comfortable place to make a home with ripe conditions for laying eggs. The appearance of their colonies is also different. Carpenter ants nesting areas are smooth while termites use soil, mud and other materials such as chewed up wood and saliva to build their colonies. Neither one is an insect you want to find in your home, and both are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. We offer termite and carpenter ant control services.


Raynham, MA Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are known hitchhikers. Bed bugs can find their way in on clothing, luggage and furniture. These nocturnal insects can hide in box springs, curtain rods and even behind picture frames. While they do bite, they are not known to spread any known diseases to humans. Some signs that bed bugs are making their home in yours are red, itchy bumps that often look like a rash, small spots of blood on pillows or sheets, small white insect eggs and empty bed bug skins. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of and pesticides will likely pose more of a threat to you than to them. It is important if you suspect a problem with bed bugs that you call a professional to talk about effective bed bug treatments.


Commercial Pest Control In Raynham

Commercial pest control in Raynham: At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we’ve been helping businesses prevent and eliminate pest problems for 7 ½ decades. We know how important it is for your business to be kept free from rodents and insects. Nothing can crush a business quite like a pest problem. We will work with you to find the right approach for your business in treating problems with:

  • Ants

  • Mice

  • Bats

  • Wildlife such as Skunks and Raccoons

  • Rats

  • Mosquitoes

  • Bed Bugs

  • Carpenter Bees

  • Cockroaches

  • Earwigs

  • Fleas & Ticks

  • Spiders

  • Squirrels

  • Earwigs

  • Silverfish

  • Termites

  • Files

  • Yellow Jackets

  • Indian Meal Moths

  • Centipedes

  • Millipedes

  • Saw Toothed Grain Beetles

Wherefore Art Thou?

john ohurley

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

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