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Experienced Pest Control Services In Springfield, MA

Springfield, an old and storied colonial settlement in Massachusetts, is a densely populated city known for its history and industry. Despite all of that rich background, human activity means that pests can run rampant if left unchecked, which is why every local property owner needs to learn how they can do their part to keep pests from spreading.

Home Pest Control In Springfield, MA

Most people wonder why they should worry about pest problems when they’ve never noticed any around their home. Well, not noticing something doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there -- especially where pests are concerned. By their very nature, pests are good at hiding, and our properties provide them with plenty of space and resources to keep them fed and happy. By the time they are noticeable, pests have outgrown their usual stomping grounds and have likely already been in your home for weeks or months. That’s why a proactive approach is better than a wait-and-see.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we help homeowners avoid pest problems altogether. We utilize these three steps to ensure that infestations are caught quickly and eliminated:

  1. Inspections: The only way to truly know whether pests are a concern or not is to have trained experts search your property for signs. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can get you scheduled for a thorough inspection today.
  2. Treatments: Once we’ve determined your level of risk, we design a pest management plan that treats specific problems and protects your property from general pest concerns.
  3. Follow-Up: Even then, we’re not done caring about you and your home. After our initial service, we’ll schedule a follow-up visit to check that everything is going according to plan.

For true home protection from pests, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Springfield, MA

There are about a million things that can affect the health of your business, from economics to personal problems with a workforce. But one of the threats that often gets overlooked is pest infestations. From damage to disease to loss of good standing in your community, a pest infestation can truly hamper your business’ growth. That’s why it’s always a good idea to partner with local pest experts, who provide the best chance at avoiding these kinds of problems.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we’ve helped many different kinds of businesses prevent and eliminate pest infestations. No matter what kind of business you operate, we can help at any step of the process. Protect your business from the costs of a pest problem by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

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What Attracts Cockroaches To Springfield Properties?

Cockroaches are a lot of people’s idea of the creepiest pest out there. They certainly earn this distinction, with their oily bodies and ability to flatten themselves to fit through cracks or holes in exterior walls. But it’s more than their appearance that makes roaches truly dangerous. They can carry disease and lead to property damage. That’s why it’s important to know what attracts them to properties in the first place:

  • Food: Cockroaches don’t need much to survive, so even crumbs can be a meal for them. Proper food storage and deep cleaning are crucial.
  • Moisture: Many pests are attracted to moist areas and cockroaches are no different. Pay attention to proper ventilation and pipe maintenance.
  • Shelter: Pests like cockroaches look for cluttered spaces that provide them with shelter and places to hide.

For help identifying and addressing these factors around your property, turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions today. We can not only help you avoid infestations, we can promptly respond to existing infestations so you can rest easy knowing the problem has truly been solved. Don’t wait, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions right away.

Why Springfield's Cockroaches Are Harmful To Your Health?

Cockroaches can seem like a daunting pest to handle, and with good reason. Once they’ve maneuvered their way inside your Springfield property, they can prove to be a very difficult pest to deal with. Not only do cockroaches tend to hide from humans, but the most commonly found species in Springfield, the German cockroach, is growing more and more immune to the pesticides that are readily available to homeowners. These issues only amplify the dangers that cockroaches present, which makes them all the more important to deal with.

Cockroaches can impact your health in a few ways. To start, they are a known source of allergens and can trigger asthma in certain people. But because they’re also unhygienic scavengers, cockroaches are also responsible for the spread of some pretty serious pathogens as well. They’re responsible for diseases and viruses like streptococcus, cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis, and staphylococcus. Cockroaches are able to spread these health risks through their saliva and droppings, or by scratches, all of which can be hard to avoid. That’s why for the safest, most effective form of protection against cockroaches, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to schedule your free inspection.  

Five Ways Springfield Homeowners Can Avoid Ant Infestations

Ants outnumber people by the billions, which is why they are seemingly everywhere. No homeowner can completely avoid an ant problem, whether they make it indoors or are simply outside in their yard. But keeping up on certain maintenance can increase your chances of avoiding ant problems:

  1. Food Storage: Ants have antennae that detect chemical traces of food from far away, so proper food storage and deep cleaning after meals are key.
  2. Trash Storage: It’s not just the food in your cupboards that ants care about. Even the waste we throw away can be a meal, so proper trash storage is important, too.
  3. Crack Sealing: As tiny creatures, ants can easily crawl through what look like tiny cracks or holes to us. As such, you should regularly check your exterior walls and foundation for problems.
  4. Landscaping: Improper yard maintenance and planning can also be a factor. Keep plants from becoming overgrown and make sure that all harborage points are kept back from your exterior walls.
  5. Inspections: Often, the only way to truly account for all these factors is with the help of trained professionals. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to schedule yours today.

Ant Control: Four Things Springfield Homeowners Should Know

With ants being as prevalent of a pest as they are, many Springfield homeowners will encounter them at some point. Here are four things that everyone should know about ant control for their property:

  • Ants are after food, particularly sweet food. Whether it’s inside your kitchen or at a barbeque, ants primarily want your dessert, fruit, and even soda. That’s why homeowners should always look to keep food in properly sealed containers and avoid leaving anything uncovered. This counts for the trash as well, so always use a bin that has a secure lid. 
  • They will make their way through very small openings. Because ants are so small, they’re able to make their way through crevices in your home’s foundation, openings around exterior pipes, and anywhere that isn’t completely sealed up. Use items like weather stripping, caulk, and window screens to seal gaps. 
  • Ants get confused, but they don’t mind. While sweet foods may be one of the biggest attractions for ants, they can also misconstrue shampoo and soap for a sweet food source. So always be sure to clean your surfaces and the bathroom regularly. 
  • Ants are a problem outside as well. On the outside, ants thrive in mulch piles, which they can then use as a bridge to the inside of your home. That’s why opting for stone where possible may prove helpful. 

It’s never too soon to contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions for all of your ant control needs. For more information, call us today!

How Dangerous Are The Ticks On My Springfield Property?

Ticks in pockets of New England like Springfield can prove to be a scary entity. Just hearing the word "tick" is enough to make your skin crawl. They hide in areas of dense vegetation and in the woods, waiting for a host to walk by, and then either feed off of that person or pet or find their way to someone else. In this process, approximately 25% to 33% of the tick population in Springfield can be carriers of serious illnesses like Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis. This pertains primarily to the deer tick, however, new studies are showing an increase of cases having to do with Lone Star ticks, which is attributed to the mobility of Springfield residents. This new tick population poses new diseases like Bourbon virus, tularemia, and Heartland virus, none of which are native to the area. For the best protection against ticks, consult a veterinarian if you have pets, and contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for exterior treatments that you can trust. 

Five Ways Mice Get Into Homes In Springfield

Mice can be far more than a nuisance for Springfield homeowners. Once they make it inside, mice carry with them a host of parasites, like mites, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs; reproduce at alarmingly high rates; spread dangerous pathogens that lead to hantavirus, and are capable of causing significant damage to your walls and personal belongings. In order to best prevent them, here are five of the ways that mice make it into your Springfield home:

  1. By squeezing through openings in your home’s foundation or by chewing at openings to make them larger. 
  2. Through gaps in windows or ceilings.
  3. Via sewer lines. 
  4. When you mistakenly leave the garage door or any doors around your property open. 
  5. By taking advantage of holes around your plumbing.

Mice are a pain to get rid of once you have them, primarily due to the sheer quantity that could be present in your home at any given time. Add into the mix that they’re nocturnal and you may never spot them, just their droppings. For the ultimate protection against mice and other rodents, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 

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