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Situated along the Taunton River and Mount Hope Bay, Taunton is a Boston, MA community with notable heart and spirit. A population of more than 55,000 people makes Taunton the perfect place to raise a family, start a career, or enjoy the golden years.

Taunton residents shouldn’t have to slow down for anything, least of all encroaching pest activity. That’s why the team behind Big Blue Bug Solutions has been providing incredible services to locals for more than 80 years. Learn more about us and the work we do by calling our primary office today. 

Home Pest Control In Taunton, MA

Big Blue Bug Solutions has been offering residential pest control services for many years. With almost five generations of experience under our belts, we can provide extensive treatments for a wide variety of concerns.

In addition to our general pest control treatments, we can assist homeowners with:

  • Bed Bugs 

  • Carpenter Ants 

  • Termites 

  • Wildlife 

  • Mosquitoes 

  • Ticks 

See the Big Blue Bug Solutions difference in action for yourself. Call today and schedule your first-ever appointment! 


Commercial Pest Control In Taunton, MA

Many commercial businesses in Taunton know that proper pest management is impossible without an excellent pest control partner. Big Blue Bug Solutions strives to be the best possible best control partner in the area, providing outstanding attention to detail, adaptable solutions, and a pest-free guarantee to all clients.

Industries around Taunton trust us to keep their homes safe:

  • Overnight Lodgings

  • Educational Facilities 

  • Healthcare Buildings

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Restaurants And Eateries 

Sign up for commercial pest control from Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 


Why Choose Professional Bed Bug Treatments For Your Taunton Home 

Almost entirely extinct in the late 1900s, bed bugs are a type of parasitic past that are practically ubiquitous in the Taunton area. These parasitic blood-feeders rely on a warm-blooded host to survive, particularly human beings. Once bed bugs find a place to settle down, they rarely, if ever, move. Bed bugs can live for years in the same location, going to up one year without feeding.

Bed bug infestations are no longer a rare occurrence and inflict thousands of local homeowners every year. Professional bed bug treatments are your best possible option to keep your home and family safe.

Here’s how the professional crew at Big Blue Bug Solutions handles bed bugs in Taunton:

  • We perform a thorough investigation of your property, carefully vetting hot spot areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms for signs of a bed bug infestation.

  • Treatments to infected areas and any spaces that could cause problems in the future are applied. We offer a selection of several different treatment options and work hard to choose a means of action that protects your family well.

  • Once all treatments are applied, we will return to your property to scout for any remaining pests. If we locate any more pests, we will quickly address them within a few business days. 

Protect those you love without compromising on safety. The team at Big Blue Bug Solutions is standing by to assist in any way possible. Call today for a bed bug control quote! 


Answering Taunton Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions 

Mice are some of the most frustrating infesting agents in Taunton. These rodents fit through holes the size of a dime and can overrun homes with their fast reproduction rates. Despite their widespread prevalence, many homeowners in Taunton have questions about the true motives of mice and how to control them effectively.

Check out this helpful list of frequently asked questions about mice:

Q: What do mice look like?

A: Mice are four-inch mammals that appear in color patterns of brown, tan, and grey. They have short, fuzzy tails, large ears, and a pointed snout with long whiskers.

Q: Are mice in Taunton dangerous?

A: Although they may appear cute and cuddly, the mice of Taunton are extremely dangerous. Mice can and will attack when threatened, causing physical damage. Their ability to spread serious illness is another significant factor and may infect hosts with strains of bacteria, viruses, and parasite eggs. Finally, mice can significantly damage the home, from the destruction of insulation to the chewing of wires (fire hazards).

Q: How can I get rid of mice?

A: You can control mice through prevention, home remedies, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. However, bear in mind that none of these solutions can effectively manage an established mouse infestation. If you suspect that some kind of rodent is present in your home, immediately reach out to the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about mice, their control, and ongoing prevention. 


Don't Let Ants Go Marching Into Your Taunton House 

You can't go outside on a nice summer day in Taunton without seeing ants. For the most part, it's easy to let these ants go about their business without a second thought, but if you start finding them in your house, they'll be on your mind a lot more often. Once ants find their way into your home, it can feel like no matter what you do; they just keep coming. 

The best way to avoid the frustration that accompanies an ant infestation is to avoid having ants get into your house in the first place. The following tips can help:

  • Reduce moisture around the outside of your house, as well as inside. Ants like to live near a water source, so they're less likely to get close to your home if they can't find one.

  • Remove food sources from your countertops, and make sure to store food in containers with tightly fitting lids.

    Clean up spills, crumbs, and other food messes as soon as they occur.

  • Seal entry points into your house that ants might use to get inside.

If you still find ants in your house, you'll want to start looking for ant pest control services near you. Your best choice is Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have over 80 years of experience solving ant and other pest problems for Taunton homeowners.


Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Taunton? 

Of all the pests in Taunton, bed bugs are one of the trickiest to try to avoid. They don't infest homes the way other pests do, so treating your home with preventative pest control is unlikely to keep them away. Is there anything you can do to avoid bed bugs in your Taunton home or business? The following suggestions can help:

  • If you go on vacation, check your hotel or rental property for bed bugs before bringing in your luggage.

  • Check everything in your luggage upon your return home before bringing it into your house. Wash all clothing on a hot water wash before putting it away.

  • After having overnight guests at your home, carefully check the room they stayed in for any signs of bed bugs.

  • Regularly check your home for any signs of bed bugs, whether you've been away or not.

  • Look through bags and boxes to check for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

Although these recommendations may seem extreme, they're one of the only ways to truly help you avoid a bed bug infestation. If you think you have bed bugs, you need a bed bug pest control service for your home. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers the solutions you need.


How Dangerous Is It To Have Cockroaches In My Taunton House? 

Cockroaches are among the more dangerous pests to have in your Taunton home. The reason they are so dangerous is that they are well-known for spreading diseases. The spread of over 30 different types of bacteria is linked to cockroaches, and they can spread other pathogens as well. 

If you want to keep your family healthy, you can't have a cockroach infestation in your house. These pests are not easy to eliminate, no matter how big or small your infestation is, but with the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can get rid of cockroaches in your home for good. Our professionals are experts at identifying where cockroaches are hiding and implementing the best methods for eliminating them.


Four Easy And Effective Earwig Prevention Tips For Taunton Property Owners

Earwigs are scary-looking pests, but the good news is that they are not dangerous. Even so, you probably don't want to start finding them in your house. The following four tips will help prevent earwigs from entering your Taunton home.

  • Remove debris from your lawn and from around the exterior of your home's foundation.

  • Reduce moisture around the exterior of your house by cutting back vegetation, eliminating debris, and making sure you don't have any drippy faucets or water leaks.

  • Seal all entry points into your house by filling in cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps.

  • Have a professional pest control treatment applied around your house.

Whether they are outside or inside your house, you can get rid of earwigs with the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions. We'll provide you with the pest control you need to eliminate any active earwigs in your home.


Complete Pest Control From Big Blue Bug

Along with our residential and commercial pest control solutions, Big Blue Bug also offers a variety of pest control services to fit any pest control needs. Our services include:

Bed Bug Solutions

Carpenter Ant Solutions

Wildlife Solutions

Mosquito & Tick Solutions

Termite Solutions

If you are dealing with a pest infestation or you just want to be proactive in preventing future infestations, contact Big Blue Bug to schedule an appointment today!

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