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On behalf of my neighbors, I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done, not only today but in the past. The NE PEST CONTROL organization should be proud of their workers. It's been my privilege to have them work in a superior manner. Also thank TED for a job well done.

- Col. Anthony DeCastro Ret. East Providence Police Dept.

Good Afternoon Steve,

I need to write to you and express my sincere thanks for the type of people you employ.

Steve Heaney came to our house for a check-up today and I was immediately struck by the cleanliness of his uniform and truck despite the dirty situations he must surely encounter.

He listened patiently to the 100+ questions I had as I toured our property asking about this and that. He answered every question quickly, and even was able to identify insects I was afraid were growing in numbers around our home/office.

Please be assured that you have probably received 10+ new accounts from our recommendations. We feel that if we lend our name to friends in support of N.E.P. CO., we will never have someone come back to us and complain that service was bad.

I would like for you to know that Steve, and all of Bill's techs deserve high praise for the job they do, and do so well.

Feel free to contact me at your convenience,

- Derrick Carden, Sales Manager Marketing & Manufacturers Ltd.

Thank you for sending Tim today to my home. He was excellent. Polite, hard working, listened to my ant problems, etc. You are lucky to have such a good employee.

- Donna Jorgensen Rhode Island Homeowner

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know that your staff was great.

Ron Compellone is a great person and very responsible. He did an excellent job preparing the initial treatment for the big problem with mice that we had. We used to have a lot of complaints from staff in various departments daily, but now it looks like the problem is under control.

Mr. Pontes, you're very lucky to have such a great group of people working for you.


- Jim Chambers Director of Plant Security, Butler Hospital

The actual treatment work was performed by Mr. George Sweet. I cannot say enough how pleased we were with his excellent attitude, demeanor, courtesy and especially his outstanding workmanship. His obvious pride as an employee of New England Pest Control was evident throughout the time and effort he demonstrated while here.

We were especially pleased with his (Mr. Sweet's) attention to detail to return the property to the condition it was prior to the termite treatment process.

I wish you continued success.

Yours truly,

- John A. And Joanna Ciliberto Termite Free In Rhode Island

Dear Jen,

Thank you so much for sending the best bug man ever. Ted took care of everything right away. It is good to know that there are still some smart girls on the job. Way to go, Jen.

- Mary Beth Beretta Satisfied With The Best Bug Man Ever

I am sending this letter in regards to the service that I received at my home. I was 110% satisfied with the service that I received from your technician. It does not happen often that you receive friendly service and he should be commended on that. The tech that came to my house was Rene. He was super polite and very friendly and also on time. He explained to me exactly what he did and that if I had any future problems to contact NE Pest Control and you will come back out. I hope that your company will recognize his great customer service skills.

I have enclosed a copy of the service slip so you are able to see his name.

Thank you,

- Candis M. Fortin 110% Satisfied Homeowner

Just wanted to let you know that my service representative, Steve Martinez, was excellent in customer service today... Monday, August 2nd. Kudos to him for being pleasant, professional, informative and courteous. I hope all my bugs disappear!

Thanks again NE Pest Control.

- Carrie Decker Homeowner

On October 12, I had my fall treatment done by your technician, Chris. I was so impressed by him I had to write you. Chris was very professional & knowledgeable, as well as being very personable. Having managed employment agencies in the past, you are very lucky to have Chris as one of your employees. He is an asset to your company.

Thank you,

- Nancy L. von Helmstatten Homeowner

Dear Tony, Ron Campallone, Steve McKeon, Colleen Green, Amanda Green and Marissa Arouth:

I wish to express our sincerest thanks for your generous donation of clothing, toilet articles, perfumes, soaps, etc. to the Rhode Island Veterans home.

Your generosity is remarkable and especially very beneficial to the wonderful men and women who have been entrusted to our care.

You are a remarkable and caring group of people and I certainly appreciate all the time and effort you put into making it a happier holiday season for our residents.

With the sincerest thanks for these generous gifts.

- Cathy Keighley Supervisor of Volunteers Services, Rhode Island Veterans Home

Just a note to say what a superb job you did for our new home. Greg Erinakes was extremely accommodating & knowledgeable about our services and needs. I am sure that he is a valuable employee. Thanks again.

- The Ashleys Happy Homeowners

Your serviceman, Scott Goldman, just left my home after treatment for several problems I was having. He did such an efficient job and in a pleasant and accommodating way. He was neat and courteous and helpful.

It's people like Scott that will keep me coming back to the Big Blue Bug.


- Barbara Ardolino Rhode Island Homeowner

Joseph Villani (Technician) here at the Ryan Center & Boss Ice arena has gone above and beyond over the past few weeks. We have had a few minor problems with mice and flies, and he has taken immediate response to each situation. This is a great reflection on the staff at New England Pest Control.

- James Morris University Of Rhode Island

I am writing to you because we want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service that Michel Wery has provided to Bryant University.

As Manager of Custodial Operations, I have the opportunity to work with many different vendors and it is rare for an individual to provide the responsiveness and professionalism that Michel has demonstrated. Over the past two years, any time me or one of my manager's have called Michel, we receive an almost instant call back and we are treated like New England Pest's most important customer.

In addition to your company's tremendous customer service; the quality of work and the expertise which Michel, Steve, or any of your workers have exhibited is truly excellent. We always have confidence that the job will be completed on time, and it will be done correctly.

- Paul Cinq-Mars Bryant University

I just wanted to share with you how wonderful an experience it has been having New England Pest Control service our home for many years. All of the people who have serviced us, as well as Joannie and Melissa in Customer Service, have been and continue to be outstanding. GARY and RYAN just left our home. It was their first visit and my first time meeting both of them. Thefollowing words best describes them:


In today's American marketplace, it is difficult to find companies and their personnel who take pride in their work and who are dedicated to leaving customers satisfied; those who should be recognized. Thank you for the opportunity of being a faithful customer.

- Bob and Brenda Framingham, MA

I am writing to sing the praises of Mike, who just left my house for the second of two visits. I called this morning with a problem: clusters of flies invaded our house last night. I called at about 7:45 this morning, and by 9:30, Mike was here. (Thank you, New England Pest Control! That is why we have been customers for nearly 30 years!) He looked at the flies I had saved, went to his truck for an identifying manual, walked through the house, looking carefully everywhere, and gave an intelligent analysis of the problem. Since the swarm had abated, he told me he'd be in the neighborhood all day, and that, as soon as I saw the flies, he'd come over and fog the rooms. Mid-afternoon, Mike called to tell me he was leaving the East Side, and did I want him to stop by. Between the time he called and the time he arrived at my house, a few flies returned. Mike told me that I'd have to stay out of the sprayed rooms for about 4 hours; I could not do that today, so he arranged to come back in the morning. Even at the end of what must have been a tiring work day, Mike was patient and conscientious, and inspected every corner of every room where the flies had been. I truly appreciated having such a knowledgeable technician, with such a strong work ethic as Mike.

- Judith Providence, RI

I would personally like to request that your technician, Brian Goldman, continue as the Pest Control technician at Heritage Village Apartments. Brian conducted himself professionally and, while explaining the procedure for spraying my buildings, spoke to my Assistant Manager in a respectful and knowledgeable manner. Thank you for your assistance in granting this request.

- Claire M. Valainis Property Manager, Heritage Village Apartments

I just wanted to share a client "testimonial" with you. We are a new customer of yours and have contracted your services for the next year. We called you for a follow up and you were able to have Nick come to our house the same day, last minute. Not only are we appreciative of that, but wanted to let you know how professional and knowledgeable Nick was during his visit. We wanted Nick to be our "regular" technician, but understand that he primarily deals with commercial accounts. If that changes in the future, please immediately assign him to our account! If all of your folks are as exemplary as Nick is, than I expect a nice long relationship with your company.

Good job!

- Vik Norwood, MA

It is with great pleasure that I send this letter. I just had to take the time to let you know that the professionalism and courtesy of your staff Robin Alvarado and Alan Webb is "over the top". I have a home filled with children as we are foster, adoptive, and birth parents so you can imagine the busy day and evenings my husband and I have. After the flood last year we noticed that we also were having some issues with insects that are not wanted. I was talking with a friend from Riverside, Rhode Island, and she highly recommended calling you. They have had you come to their home for a few years now. She told me that your company and staff have been very effective and professional. I have to agree. Although we are at the very beginning of our relationship with your company, your staff has been tremendous. I hope you pass along the compliment to them.

- Natalie East Providence, RI

I just wanted to let you know that working with New England Pest Control, yourself, and most notably Steve Gaudette has been a wonderful and very professional experience. Steve is always very attentive to Wright's Farm Restaurant's needs and has taken care of a problem that no other company was able to. He is a great asset to New England Pest Control and if he is an example of your technicians, then I can understand why your company is so successful. It has been a pleasure doing business with Steve and your company. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship for many years to come.

- Frank T. Galleshaw III President, Wright's Farm Restaurant

I just wanted to take a minute to commend one of your sales representatives, Nathan Jewett. I have been having a problem recently and Nathan came to my house last Tuesday to talk about it and do an inspection. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism. Unlike my old pest company, he actually was helpful and knew what he was talking about. I also had a very helpful conversation with Tony in the Providence office. After Nathan left, it was a no-brainer; I promptly canceled my service with Terminix and signed up with NE Pest Control! I am confident that I will have an awesome experience with your company going forward and feel assured that we will fully resolve my current problem. Thanks again to Nathan - he should definitely be commended for a job well done!

- Annalyn Mansfield MA

Your service man, Marc, came to our house and was as kind and efficient and professional as one could ever expect. We appreciated so much his caring for our problem, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated this. I hope that someone in your organization will pat him on the back for us.

- Ronald Fall River, MA

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with one of your service technicians who just completed two services for me. Though I only know his first name as Jason, I can tell you that you have a real asset working for you there. Jason arrived promptly as requested, described what he intended on completing with his new mosquito killing application, and quickly went to work. Though a young man, Jason was very knowledgeable, respectful and courteous; qualities that many of the young seem to lack these days. I informed Jason that I also had a pending re-application for carpenter ants. He suggested calling your main office to get permission to complete the request while he was here. That is another area where as supervisor, I would give Jason a big acknowledgement and pat on the back. This man took the initiative to complete an additional service call knowing that it will do two things. First make the customer happy that they would not have to wait around for another service technician to arrive at their home and second, save the company money. Since he was all ready on scene and had the product to complete the call, it was a no brainer. The company now can free up that pending service call with another and only an additional few minutes were added to this original call. That is a guy who thinks on his feet and looks out for overall big picture. I just wanted to pass along this information to you and hope it gets Jason a well deserved pat on the back.

- Michael Warren, RI

I just had to write and compliment the gentleman that provided extermination service to my home today. This is the first time I used the services of New England Pest Control. I am a widow living alone in a and it seemed as though the bees etc had taken over the exterior of my home. Your service person, Kevin Tidd, came to my home today and spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and then checking and spraying every area of the house. He was polite and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to call him again. Thank you NE Pest Control, and thank you so very much Kevin Tidd.

- Vera Johnston, RI

I just wished to take a few minutes to commend your company. Ray and Christopher just completed the quarterly inspection/preventative maintenance. These two gentlemen are truly first class individuals who could not have been nicer and more professional. Again, I wish to thank your company for their continued commitment to quality, service and professionalism.

- Richard Providence, RI

I am writing regarding our technician Robert Williams. I should have written this letter back in March 2010, when he first started coming to our house for mice issues. He is an outstanding technician! We are very thankful that he was assigned to our house. He comes on a regular basis and does his job well. He is professional and very pleasant. Each time he comes to our house, he knows exactly where the traps are and what the situation was on the previous visit. We look forward to having the same technician each visit. Last year while making a follow up appointment over the phone, I mentioned to the secretary what a great job Rob does, and she said I should write a note to the company because he would receive movie tickets. I just never got around to it, but this guy deserves more that movie tickets!!! I hope he will be recognized by New England Pest Control company for his outstanding job performance!

- Maria & Anthony Cranston, RI

One day last month I saw hundreds of flying bugs coming out of a spot where my house's foundation meets my patio. They were very unnerving and I worried that I had termites - flying termites. After googling them, I knew I had to call someone. Who but the Big Blue Bug people, right? It was about 4:00 in the afternoon. I phoned and got an appointment for between 8:00 and 9:00 the next morning. At 8:15 your technician, Phil, called and said he was on his way. He arrived promptly afterward and looked at the baggie full of bugs that I had collected. He instantly knew what they were and much to my delight he proclaimed them citronella ants! He gave me a short lesson on the physical differences between ants and termites and told me that no treatment was necessary. I thanked him profusely and I meant it. Not only was your company available immediately, but Phil was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. I was also impressed that he did not try to sell me a treatment that I did not need. I was clearly worried at first and I realize that another company could have taken advantage of that fact and easily convinced me to pay for something that I did not need. Not the case with NEPC. I would like to commend both New England Pest Control and specifically, Phil, for a job well done. If I ever need a pest control service again I will absolutely call on you. Also, I will be recommending your company to everyone I know who is looking for an honest company when it comes to pest control.
Thank you so much for your honest and reliable service. Have a nice day!

- Lisa Cranston RI

I am writing to send my every compliment to you and your terrific staff at the Big Blue Bug! I called on you in my capacity as property manger at Johnston Housing Authority. At every step you (from initial phone call to the inspection) and your people were skilled and wonderful to deal with-they are great. I especially want to send kudos to inspector Michel Wery; he was thorough and provided great interaction with my elderly residents. Again, thank you and it is always my practice to send praise when it is due.

- Carol Johnston Housing Authority

We have had the most pleasant and capable technician, Kevin Tidd, resolve an extremely complex case of Yellow Jacket infestation. We had an opening on the outside of our house that led into the space above the drop ceiling in our mud room. It was a very limited space above a closet and he diligently and professionally addressed the problem. After completion, he cleaned up and restored the area. While We have always had very positive experiences with New England Pest Control, he was truly outstanding and polite and a true asset to you.

- Bette and Lou Providence, RI

My name is Maryellen and I have been a customer of New England Pest Control for the past 6 years. I have two homes and I have nothing but praise for anyone that I have ever dealt with at your company. My most recent experience was this past Saturday when Phil came out and did a quality control visit on my property. He was fantastic as he checked over my entire residence, both inside and out, and went over my plan with me. Along with him, I have had pleasant dealings with any of the technicians that have serviced my properties, along with Robin, who I have spoken to several times, and Tony DeJesus, who has helped me with some billing issues.

Too many times all people do is to complain and never take the time to offer praise. I wanted to take the time to let you know of the outstanding employees you have. I grew up with the Big Blue bug. He looks very cool all decorated.

- Maryellen Rhode Island Resident

I just hung up the phone with Ana. Nathan, one of your inspectors, has been out here previously and my fiancee said he was awesome, going above and beyond to help us out with our initial problem (including putting in a glass window to our basement that was not in place). There seems to still be an issue so I have called back again today. We are having an issue with mice and now flies! I described what was going on and let Ana know that the only day we would be here is Friday. She asked me to hold and let me know that there was not an opening available on Friday but that she was attempting to move things around for us. WOW! Working in a hotel, I can appreciate great customer service, attitude and never saying "No". I was blown away with the level of service I received with you all from your first visit to your upcoming follow up. Value for Price Paid is right on. Thank you again, and happy holidays!

Also, We love Nibbles :)

- Patrick and Lindsey

Once again, I feel compelled to write because I had such excellent service from one of your technicians, Shane. He was efficient, courteous, helpful and nice to my dog! Thank you for sending well-mannered and competent inspectors.

- Nancy Messinger Helen Brackett House

This is the first time using your service. I really enjoy listening to Tony on the radio and wanted you to know that the people you have working for you are the finest! Debbie took our phone call and Steve came for the inspection. We are looking forward to working with your company in taking care of our problem and in the years ahead.

- Maryann and Walter

Hello Brian & Tony, thank you both so much for your support of Walk for Wishes; I know our participants enjoyed having their picture taken with Nibbles!

The event was great, raising $25,000; these funds will fulfill the fondest wishes of three Rhode Island children. Thank you for being a part of the walk and for helping us bring so much joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

All my best, Paula

- Paula Montgomery, MPA East Providence, RI

Dear Tony,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today regarding my insect issue. I am hopeful when the technician sees the problem he or she will be able to determine what the problem is.

While speaking with you I mentioned that the most recent visit to my home by one of your technician was by far the most knowledgeable and friendly individual I have met. Correna was helpful and kind and I am thrilled that you suggested she be my permanent technician as I did not know I could make that request. I am even more confident in the Big Blue Bug because I will now have a technician who is familiar with my home and insect/rodent problems.

Also, thank you for your help as well. Our conversation reinforced my positive experiences with the Big Blue Bug and I'll continue to renew my contract in the years to come.

- Laurie Lindemann

We just wanted to inform you that we at Primary Flow Signal are very pleased with the service that we receive from Big Blue Bug Solutions. A couple of years ago we had an issue with mice in the offices and thanks to the capable efforts of Joe Villani we have not had any such incidences in many months. Joe stops in once a month and always updates us on what is going on with the bait and traps that he has located throughout the property. We would also note that Joe is a good representative of your company as he goes about his duties quietly, efficiently and maintains a professional and courteous manner at all times. We are reporting this to you because all of our experiences with Big Blue Bug Solutions over the years have always been positive and it is our pleasure to inform you of it. It is easy to see why Big Blue Bug Solutions is a Rhode Island business success story.

Best regards,

- Paul Curran Cranston, RI

Hello there,
I just wanted to let you know that we were extremely happy with your technician Doug Goodwin’s first visit in our building at Grafton Crossings, 135 Westboro Road in North Grafton, MA.
Not only did he work thoroughly, he was also extremely helpful in explaining current activities, replaced traps as necessary and gave some valuable advice. He was very aware of the fact that there were customers in the store, which required an even more sensitive handling of his work and words.
Please pass on our appreciation to his supervisor.
Thank you and kind regards,

- Simone L. North Grafton, MA

Thank you for a bug free summer! You were very professional and your workers were decent and informative. I will call you for as long as you are in business. I am very pleased!
Thanks again!

- Steve D. Massachusetts Homeowner

Today Big Blue Bug's technician, Michael, came to my home to spray for carpenter ants. He is one of the most respectful and professional young men that I have encountered in a while. While all Big Blue Bug employees that I have meet have been courteous, knowledgeable and professional, it is refreshing to see these traits in someone as young as Michael. I attribute this, naturally, to his upbringing, but also to the detailed training by your company... I do not often have an opportunity to write a letter such as this. What a pleasure it is to deal with Michael and companies like Big Blue Bug.

- Elizabeth B. Hope Valley, RI

To look at this person one would never guess. Who would think that such a slight individual physically, and one with such a courteous, respectful manner, could possibly be a cutthroat killer of the creatures that give certain members of this household not just the creeps, but the horrors? But that's what Sandra is proving to be for us. She is smart, knowledgeable about her business, and conscientious and ruthless in carrying it out. We slept better last night because she was here yesterday afternoon - and will be even more at peace when the devices she recommended we have installed are in place Monday. Thanks for sending Sandra out to us. We feel fortunate to have been the beneficiaries of her service on your behalf.

- Ralph D. Providence, RI

Just want to let you know how pleased we are with your service. Gary arrived at our home promptly, as he always does, and greeted us with a warm welcome. He is extremely professional and clearly wants to make sure that he addresses our specific questions and concerns. He is a credit to the company.

- Deb O. Millis

The Wheeler School has contracted with The Big Bug Solutions for more than 20 years. We would recommend them highly to anyone with a pest problem at their company. We sometimes feel that mice and carpenter ants are afraid to enter our School property! That's because of The Big Blue Bug Solutions' knowledge of pest control and thoroughness on the job.

Gerald DelSignore, Plant Manager,
Certified Plant Engineer
The Wheeler School

- Wheeler School Providence, RI

I hate bugs. It's that simple. And keeping them out of my life is pretty simple too: I call Big Blue Bug Solutions and they handle the rest.

- Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

I call my Big Blue Bug Solutions home maintenance agreement 'bug insurance' and it's really as simple as that. If there's a problem, I call BBBS and they eliminate the problem.

- Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

I'm a firm believer in local, family-run business. Big Blue Bug Solutions is a part of the community I call home--and when a company has been around for over 80 years, I know they're doing it right.

- Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

I have two families to protect. My wife & kids in the house....and my classic cars in the garage. I don't want pests endangering either I keep both my worlds safe with BBBS home maintenance protection.

- Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

I've actually had neighbors ask 'how come you had a BBBS truck in your driveway? You don't have bugs.' And I tell them..'I don't have bugs BECAUSE I have BBBS.' That's really just how easy it is to stay bug-free.

- Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

Hi Brian,
I spoke with you this morning regarding a testimonial for Mike and Harry. My father in law asked me to write a review on the quality of service extended at both his home and business. He is extremely happy with his service reps Mike and Harry and would absolutely refer the Big Blue Bug in the future. Keep up the good work.....

- The Velleco's RI

I have never called a pest control company before and I was somewhat apprehensive as to what to expect. I want to express my sincere appreciation for outstanding work done by your inspector, Mr. Scott Murphy. Scott exemplifies an employee who is truly concerned about the customer and his property by offering a wide range of technical, practical and long term solutions to my pest problems. He took time to inspect and detect issues that I did not know I had.

Scott communicated the causes and possible solutions to pest issues in simple but detailed recommendations.

My commendation for Scott as an employee and representative of Big Blue Bug comes from my years as a now retired manager of a small service organization. I would have been around to have all my employees have Scott's product knowledge and customer service skills.

As a result of my recent experience, I will highly recommend Big Blue Bug to my friends.

- Thomas J.

I cannot commend James Beausoleil enough with regard to his incomparable professionalism that he has
displayed with his management of pest control issues at our school. He is very sensitive to the health
needs of our special population of students and, as such, he ensures that an appropriate evaluation and
treatment plan is formulated. Always very polite and professional, I would rate James among the very best
of service professionals because of his thorough knowledge and expansive expertise as well his customer
friendly nature. James has the personality, intelligence and temperament to be very successful in the years ahead with
your reputable organization.

- Rob R.

Wherefore Art Thou?

john ohurley

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

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