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If you were to imagine the best possible termite control, what would you come up with? Perhaps a device that emits a sound that termites don't like, a sound that drives them out of your yard, away from your home, and out of your life for good. Wouldn't that be awesome? How about this one? Can you imagine a product that smells like sweet flowers to you, but smells like dirty feet to termites? That would be a great way to get rid of termites and protect your home from damage. Here's one more. What if there were a product that termites couldn't detect, and when they passed through it, they would unknowingly pick it up and share it with the other termites in their colony. What if the active ingredient in that product stopped their jaws from working and they could no longer eat wood. That would be something! What if we were to tell you that last one is a thing?

The Best Termite Control Starts With The Best Product

It is possible to inject a product into the soil around your Worcester property that can stop the jaws of termite workers. This product works slow enough to allow the worker termites to share it with other termites in their colony. Slowly, and one by one, the termites in the colony are exposed to the active ingredient. When they lose their ability to eat, not only is your property safe from all those little wood-chewing worker termites, the colony is eliminated.

Smart Termite Control

There are a few reasons why this method of termite control is so great. You can probably guess a few of them, but we would be willing to bet that you can't guess them all.

  • Obviously, when termites can't eat, they starve. But, what you might not know is that the worker termites are the only termites in a colony that eat food. All other termites get their food from the workers through a sharing of fluids. When workers can't collect the food, all the termites in the colony starve, including the queen.

  • This product is injected into the ground where subterranean termites live. When they tunnel through the soil, they come into contact with it.

  • In the past, termites would die from exposure to termiticides. It was toxic to them. It was also toxic to other creatures. New termiticide technologies, like what we use at Big Blue Bug Solutions, are very low in toxicity. Altriset®, as an example, is so low in toxicity, there is no warning on the label. That's saying something!

  • New termiticide technologies are invisible to termites. Not only does this allow the active ingredient to be picked up and passed from one termite to the next, termites can't find a pathway through the product. One of the challenges of toxic termiticides is that termite workers could learn to avoid treated soil. This allowed them to find a way through to the wood of protected structures.

The Best Termite Control Requires A Strategy

It takes more than a great product to protect your Worcester property from termite damage. The product must be applied appropriately or it could become inert. This will leave your property exposed. The worst part is that you're not likely to know when your termite treatments have failed. This is why it is important to hire a licensed termite control professional to take care of termite control for you. 

How We Protect Worcester Properties

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we do a detailed inspection and share our findings with you. We let you know if we've found termite activity or conducive conditions and give you treatment options, such as yearly inspections or a treatment plan. If you choose a treatment plan, we inject the product in the soil around your property and make sure it is done correctly. This actively works to stop termites 24 hours a day, all year, every year. This is good because termites are simple organisms that don't need sleep. They can be active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This treatment service comes with a one-year, renewable termite warranty, which can be transferred to a new owner should you decide to sell your home.  

Do you have questions? 

If so, we have answers. Big Blue Bug Solutions is famous for providing effective termite control for property owners in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. We can guide you in finding the right termite control solution for your Worcester property. Reach out to us today and speak with one of our agents about setting up a termite inspection. Subterranean termites are destructive, sneaky insects that may not give you a second chance to guard your property from significant damage. Get your proactive termite protection in place, and stop termites from eating you out of house and home.

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