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There are only so many days each year that are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. They happen infrequently. Sometimes more than a week goes by without a perfect day! There is also a difference in opinion on what makes a day perfect. We think that a perfect day is one that is comfortable and doesn’t have pests. Spending time outdoors when pests are around is simply not enjoyable. This is why we work so hard to help locals find a solution to the problem of mosquitoes. Have you ever thought about these biting insects? They are a big problem here in Massachusetts. The question is, what is the best way to control these insects on your property? The answer might change, depending on who you ask. Today we are going to break down the best DIY and professional options to reduce mosquito populations on your Massachusetts property. If that is what you are interested to learn about, keep reading. Contact our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions if you would like to hear from our professionals about our mosquito control services in Massachusetts. We would love to walk you through our methods and find a treatment time that will best work for you and your Massachusetts property.

Species Of Mosquitoes Commonly Found In Massachusetts

Most people do not think about different types of mosquitoes or wonder how to tell the difference between species. To be honest, this is not a skill that will do you much good in your day-to-day life. What will do you good is understanding that different types of mosquitoes spread different diseases. Before we talk more about this, here are a few of the most common species of mosquitoes in our area.

  • Aedes vexans

  • Culex pipiens

  • Culex restuans

These are just three of close to 52 species of mosquitoes that live here in Massachusetts! We could talk all day about their differences in appearance, long scientific names, and their ecology, but we think your time is better spent on other matters. This is why we will focus more on when these pests are most active, how you can deter them, and what professional options are best for culling infestations year-round.

All mosquitoes are more active during dusk and dawn. Keeping this in mind, try to spend less time outdoors during these times. We will break down some more mosquito prevention tips in just a bit. 

Something that everyone should know about mosquitoes is how these pests reproduce. Most bugs are unique in the way they breed and the places they lay their eggs. Mosquitoes are especially unique. These insects like to lay their eggs inside pools of stagnant water. As long as the sources they use remain stagnant for about a week, their young are able to hatch with no problem. One thing that mosquito eggs need is blood. This is why these pests steal blood in the first place. Here's a fun fact: male mosquitoes do not have the ability to steal blood. They spend their days feeding on plant nectar, pollinating plants, and aiding females with reproduction.

Mosquitoes are terrible flyers. You may have noticed that you are less likely to be bitten when it is windy outdoors. Keeping this in mind, these pests are still capable of traveling hundreds of feet from their breeding sites. This can make control difficult as treating breeding sites on your property will not stop these pests from flying in from neighboring yards. This can have a huge impact on DIY control, which we will discuss in a moment.

Why You Should Avoid Being Bitten By Mosquitoes

If there is one thing you have heard about mosquitoes, it is probably how dangerous these pests can be. In fact, mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They are directly responsible for over one million deaths per year worldwide. Most of these fatalities happen in third-world countries where there is less access to medication and medical services. Many organizations work hard to provide mosquito netting and the necessary treatments needed to help these countries. What are they helping them avoid exactly? Mosquito bites and what can come with them. We are talking about blood-borne diseases. This is the true threat of mosquitoes. These insects are able to pick up sickness vectors from animals and humans. They then can spread disease to healthy individuals. Different species are capable of spreading different types of disease. For instance, female Anopheles mosquitoes are the only species that are capable of spreading malaria. This species does live here in Massachusetts, although malaria is less common in our area than other diseases. In all honesty, most blood-borne diseases are less common in the United States. This is due to our access to affordable and accessible medicine, the hard work of the CDC, and quality pest control that helps people avoid bites in the first place.

Most mosquito bites are not life-threatening. They are mostly just itchy. This itching sensation is triggered by a mosquito’s saliva which it injects into the body while feeding. This saliva acts as a numbing agent so that you do not feel the initial stab through the top layer of your skin. Some people, however, are able to feel bites after a few moments of these pests feeding. There are also individuals who have more severe reactions to bites and experience more swelling and itching around wounds. If you have more severe reactions, talk with your doctor about treatments. There are ways to reduce these symptoms. There are also good ways to avoid mosquitoes and their bites in the first place. Let’s talk about some of these methods now.

Mosquito Prevention Tips Everyone Ought To Know

There are two sides to DIY mosquito control. There are methods to make yourself less attractive to these pests and methods to make your yard less accessible for breeding and landing. Let’s start with how to make yourself less attractive to these hungry bugs. Start by changing your wardrobe. Wearing light-colored clothing makes you less visible to these biting pests. This is because mosquitoes detect their prey by looking for their silhouette against bright backdrops. The darker your clothing is, the more visible you are. Another thing you can do is avoid going outdoors during dusk and dawn. This is when these pests are most active and when you are most likely to get bitten. You should also avoid marshlands, swamps, and other moist areas as these are major breeding grounds for these pests. Finally, use some form of mosquito repellant when spending time in places where these insects might be. Products containing DEET are the most effective but are not your only option. There are many natural sprays that have an effect and are worth using.

On the other side of mosquito prevention, there are control tips you can use on your property to address breeding grounds and landing opportunities. Here are some simple methods to start with on your property.

  • Eliminate sources of rainwater build-up around your yard after it rains and address situations that might allow for rainwater build-up in the future.

  • Have your gutters cleaned at least once a year and make sure they are in good working condition.

  • Fix leaky piping and fixtures inside and around your home and make sure they are not creating pools of water.

  • Empty water out of outdoor sinks or bathing areas.

  • Do not leave pet water bowls outside to stagnate.

  • Change the water in bird baths and ornate pools at least once every four days. 

  • Stock large fresh bodies of water on your property with mosquito fish.

  • Install fans around covered outdoor lounging areas.

If all of this tells you anything, it should tell you that controlling mosquitoes on your own is difficult. We are excited to tell you that there are much easier options to combat these pests on your property. Take a moment today to consider the benefits of professional mosquito services and see how we can help keep mosquitoes away from your Massachusetts home.

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Massachusetts Yards

It is important to understand that there are many options for pest control here in Massachusetts. There are even some providers that will take care of you properly. The challenge is finding a provider that you can trust to go above and beyond when taking care of your pest problems. We at Big Blue Bug Solutions have made a name for ourselves in the community. We are a local, trusted, and dedicated provider that offers solutions to all sorts of common pest problems, including mosquitoes. If you need help avoiding these pests year-round we would like to offer our assistance. All you need to do is express your need. We will pay you a visit and find the best answer to the pests inside or around your home or business.

Contact our team today for help with mosquitoes and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Massachusetts. We will take good care of you!



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