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Do you find the occasional fly in your business? How about more than an occasional fly? It happens, and it can keep on happening over and over again. You can have a fly problem to the point where you don't even think about the flies anymore. Their routine visits become background noise. Or, you can have some success with fly control and reduce flies below your threshold of comfort. You hang up sticky tape traps and capture flies by the hundreds. You install bug zappers everywhere. You even create fancy little fruit fly traps from pickle jars with holes poked in the caps. These three methods can have enough of an impact on their own that you might think you're on top of your fly problem when you're not. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, we have a question. Do you want flies continuing to land on surfaces and getting into sensitive areas? Fly control methods like these only attack the symptom. They don't get to the source of the problem. 

Do you want to know how to get to the source? Stick with us. We'll discuss the nature of fly infestations, share some crucial facts every business owner should know, and tell you how to create a fly-free environment. Before we get started, we have one more question. "Do you need immediate assistance with a fly problem?" You don't have to read an article about flies to find a solution. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for fly pest control in Massachusetts. We can take care of those flies for you. 

How Drain Cleaning Can Benefit Your Business

There are many ways flies can begin to appear in your business. The problem starts on the outside of your business. Flies may be breeding in a dumpster, trash bin, fecal matter, a dead animal, compost, or something else stinky or rotting. When they reproduce near your business, they find their way inside. It is hard to keep flies out because they can come in through an open door or a tiny entry point in your exterior. You need to move dumpsters and trash receptacles away from your exterior doors and practice a high level of sanitation to correct this problem. When combined with screen repair and exclusion work, you'll have more success keeping flies out, but even this strategy isn't enough.

Some businesses use additional fly control methods to get even more control. Grocery stores often install air curtains. When the doors open, the air pushes out, and flies aren't allowed to zip right in. Unfortunately, installing an air curtain on every entryway into your business isn't practical. It is important to consider interior fly control.

Do you remember the fly control examples we gave at the start of this article? They fit here. When one fly finds its way into your business, fly traps, insect light traps, and fruit fly traps can help prevent an infestation. Those traps aren't to stop an infestation; they're only for prevention. Many pest flies can reproduce faster than you can catch them in your traps.

Drain cleaning services help with both prevention and control. Cleaning out drains can arrest a current infestation of drain flies, phorid flies, fruit flies, house flies, and many other pests. Cleaning out drains also removes the scent of decaying organic matter that can attract pests from a distance, it also removes breeding sites within your business.

Do you see how it works? Drain cleaning is one essential part of an effective strategy to control and prevent fly problems and is crucial for creating fly-free commercial spaces. 

Signs You Need To Clean Out Your Drains

Many pests breed in drains. Your drains need cleaning if you see these pests in your business. Let's look at them and discuss a few important facts about each.

Phorid Flies: These are the first flies you'll likely see when your drains need a good cleaning. Often mistaken for fungus gnats, phorid flies are far more likely to reproduce inside your drains. Fungus gnats tend to reproduce in soil. While both are tiny black flies, you can easily identify phorid flies by their behavior. These flies run across surfaces.     

Drain Flies: These small flies look like tiny moths. Though they are the only flies with the word drain in their common name, they aren't as common as phorid flies. They are, however, more commonly found reproducing in drains. Phorid flies can find breeding sites in many locations outside of drains.  

Fruit Flies: These flies get into drains to lay their eggs. They also lay eggs on any organic matter that is left out. Some species have red eyes and you can distinguish them from other gnats easily.  

German Cockroaches: Drains are a favorite breeding site for German cockroaches. These are the small tan roaches with the two dark stripes on the back. At the first sign of German cockroaches, reach out immediately to Big Blue Bug Solutions. 

Drain cleaning and sanitation are crucial for maintaining pest-free commercial environments, but how often do you need to get your drains cleaned? Can you just get one service? If you have us clean your drains to arrest an infestation, you'll see benefits for a while, but we don't recommend a one-and-done approach for drain cleaning. Remember, it doesn't only arrest infestations. Drain cleaning is part of pest prevention. A licensed professional cleaning your drains as a routine part of your commercial pest control is the best way to go. 

You Should Never Skip Drain Cleaning: Here's Why

Flies, cockroaches, and other pests that breed in drains can create problems for your business. These pests are unwelcome. Here are just a few ways a drain problem can come back to bite you.

  • Flies and roaches pick up harmful bacteria from drains and spread them around. These microorganisms can create illnesses for customers and employees. Customers that get sick will likely share their bad experiences on the internet. They may even decide to seek legal counsel. Employees that get sick will take days off from work and have you working hard to schedule replacements.  

  • No one wants to find a fly in their food. Whether it is a customer dining on a plate of prepared food or an employee sitting in the break room, flies can cause trouble for you.  

  • Employee morale can drop when flies appear too often. When employee morale drops, productivity is likely to drop as well. It is hard to put a figure on how this can impact your bottom line.

  • A drain pest problem can lead to a product recall, which is costly and threatens your brand.

  • Flies and roaches can cause you to fail a health inspection. At best, this can lead to an increase in the number of inspections. At worst, it can lead to a closure of business. 

Ongoing drain cleanings and general sanitation are the bedrock of effective commercial pest control for most businesses. On top of these, your commercial pest control specialist will provide layers of exterior protection to prepare your commercial environments for business. 

Professional Drain Cleaning Services In Massachusetts

You can count on Big Blue Bug Solutions to provide your business with professional drain cleaning services in Massachusetts. We have the experience to provide you with the most advanced and eco-friendly cleaning service available. We use an organic enzyme to address food build-up in your drains. The product uses biological control rather than the brute force method of cleaners. Since we don't use common cleaners, roaches and flies won't pick these products up and spread them to places they don't belong.

There are many benefits to drain cleaning services that go beyond pest control. Your drain cleaning services will:

  • Increase drainage, allowing water to go down drains faster

  • Prevent puddles from forming on floors

  • Help to reduce slipping hazards

  • Reduce unpleasant smells

  • Guard against clogs

  • Protect your drains

  • Deter moisture damage

  • Reduce the sound pipes make when things aren't running well 

  • Reduce bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms

  • Help to save money from plumbing repairs

Are you in Massachusetts? Are you wondering how to start drain cleaning service for your business? If so, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for all your commercial pest control needs. We offer comprehensive commercial pest control services and use a multi-pronged strategy to give you the best chance of having a pest-free commercial space. How does that sound? Are you tired of slapping at tiny flies in the air or slapping yourself in the head when tiny flies land on your face? Are you tired of seeing tiny roaches zipping across floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces? Do you want to protect your brand, reputation, and bottom line?

We can help. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and request an onsight consultation to get started. You can count on our team to help you find the right solution for your specific needs and budget. You don't have to live with flies, roaches, and other drain pests. Get your protection in place today. You may discover that drain cleaning services cost less than you thought.

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