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Cockroaches are gross, and extremely harmful pests when they get into New England homes and businesses. That's why we're always going on about them here in our blog, like this recent article on Five Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Cockroaches. But today, we're focusing on a particularly bad cockroach that is considered to be the most successful structure-infesting cockroach in the world. This is what every New England property owner should know about the German cockroach.


A German cockroach is tan in color and is between ½ and ⅝ of an inch in length. On its tan back are two dark lines that look like an = sign. This marking can help you quickly identify German cockroaches from all of the other species of cockroach that can get into your property.  


Do you know that most cockroaches don't prefer to be inside man-made structures? The ideal habitat for a cockroach consists of soil, moisture and decaying plant matter. None of these are easily accessible in a home or business. But German cockroaches don't mind. They do very well in an urban environment. You could say that it is because they're not picky roaches. This ability to tolerate limited resources is one of the key reasons German cockroaches can be found in every corner of the world, except Antarctica.


You are probably aware that cockroaches can scale vertical surfaces and run across ceilings. This allows them to easily access man-made structures and move about from room to room and floor to floor. German cockroaches have two characteristics that allow them even greater access.

Size: A young German cockroach is able to climb through the hole of an outlet. Good luck keeping these roaches from getting into every nook and cranny

Wings: Many species of cockroaches have wings but don't fly. The German cockroach is able to fly and it can use this ability to get to where other cockroaches can't.


In an urban environment, a German cockroach will find a meal in a dumpster, in a sewer, and it can even get a meal in a yard where dogs leave their droppings. Disgusting but true. German cockroaches eat some pretty gross stuff. This exposes them to harmful bacteria, parasitic worms and human pathogens. When they get into man-made structures, they contaminate food, dishes, silverware, food-prep surfaces and more.


Where do German roaches come from? If you're wondering if they come from Germany, the answer is no. They have been traced back to Southeast Asia. If you're wondering where do German cockroaches live before they get into your home or business. The answer to that is somewhat complicated. It depends on where you live and what can be found around your property. German cockroaches can live in nature and they can live in urban areas where there are no structures. It can be difficult to tell where they came from because they are able to live in so many environments.

How can you tell if you have German cockroaches? These insects don't like to show themselves. You can have thousands in your New England Property and not know it. The first sign is often speckles of black feces, eggs sacks (called ootheca) or shed skins.

Do German cockroaches bite? All cockroaches can bite. The good news is that they don't prefer to. They eat decaying organic matter. If you are bitten by a roach, it is likely because the population in your home has far surpassed the availability of food. When this happens, they are most likely to bite you on your eyelids as they feed on dead skin or your mouth as they're taking a drink of saliva. Sorry. This does happen.

Can you get rid of German cockroaches? We're sorry to say that it is very difficult to get rid of German cockroaches without education in pest management. These roaches have natural instincts and behavior patterns that allow them to elude threats.

Professional Cockroach Control

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