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How much trouble can a little, itty, bitty mouse cause? The answer may shock you. One little mouse can be deadly. Mice can't help but chew on things inside your home. Two of the things they chew on are wires and gas lines. Experts believe that this is a strong reason to believe that as much as 25 percent of property fires, that do not originate from known causes, are likely due to rodent infestation. How much of that 25 percent is related to mice? We can't say for sure. But we can tell you that it only takes one mouse to burn your Connecticut home to the ground. If this isn't enough reason to address a mouse infestation quickly and decisively, here are a few more problems that may change your mind.


Connecticut is the epicenter of Lyme disease. This disease can have serious acute symptoms and also lead to long term chronic symptoms that can impact your health for the rest of your life. We don't have to tell you how serious it is to have ticks in your home. But, you may not realize the link between mice and ticks—more specifically, mice and Lyme disease.

  • A recent study determined that as much as 90 percent of white-footed mice are likely to be carrying Borrelia burgdorferi. This is the spirochete bacterium that allows Lyme disease to develop inside the human body.

  • Mice are linked so conclusively to the spread of Lyme disease, scientists can estimate the number of Lyme disease cases in any given year by looking at mouse populations of the prior year.

  • A single mouse can have as many as a hundred seed ticks on its body.

Fleas And Other Parasites

When it comes to bringing parasites into your home, mice are unmatched. An adult mouse can slip through a gap the size of a dime. Once inside, it will explore every floor of your home. And ticks are not the only concern when it comes to parasite-related diseases. Many parasites have the ability to make you sick, especially if they've already fed on the blood of the mouse that brought them into your home.

Property Damage

There are many ways mice can damage your property. Some are alarming. Consider the following short list. These examples should give you an understanding of the threat.

  • If you have a piece of furniture stored in your attic, don't be surprised when it is ruined by mice. When mice get into your home, they look for nesting sites. There are few nesting sites as attractive as the soft interior of a piece of upholstered furniture. A mouse will chew a hole to get inside and create its nest. Inside this nest, it will urinate, defecate, and produce offspring. The offspring of the mouse may take up residence in the same piece of furniture, increasing the damage.

  • When a mouse chews a hole to get into your home, it creates an access point for other pests, like dirty cockroaches and destructive silverfish. They may also create starter holes for carpenter ants. These secondary pests can be as bad, or worse, than the mouse, depending on the circumstances.

  • When a mouse chews a hole to get into your home, it can create a pathway for rainwater and moisture. This can lead to wood rot and invite termites to infest your home. It can also lead to mold problems which can have wide-reaching medical implications for everyone living in your home.

  • Mice rip up wallpaper, insulation, clothing, and a long list of other items as they gather materials for their nests. It is difficult to know where they'll strike or what they'll damage.


When a mouse explores your kitchen and pantry, it can contaminate surfaces, dishes, cutting boards, and silverware with organisms in its fur. When a mouse gets into your food packages, it can contaminate your food. This activity can make you very sick. Mice can spread many diseases.

Mouse Control

Don't wait to deal with a mouse infestation in your Connecticut home. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and get comprehensive rodent elimination and control. There are far too many ways mice can impact your health and damage your property. Let our team help you get the protection you need and help you limit the risk.

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