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Uncasville is found in the southeastern portion of the town of Montville, CT. It is probably most well-known for being the location of the Mohegan Indian Reservation. Uncasville is also home to Mohegan Sun Casino, one of the largest casinos in the world. To protect the people living in Uncasville and the many visitors that travel through Uncasville, the pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions provide a combination of services that are both effective and affordable. At Big Blue Bug Solutions we offer pest control programs to meet the specific needs of all our Uncasville, CT home and business owners!

Home Pest Control in Uncasville, CT

By implementing a year-round home pest control program from the pest professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions in your Uncasville home, you will truly feel like you won a jackpot. Our home pest control services ensure that current pest problems are quickly eliminated and future pest problems won’t be a worry for you and your family again! At Big Blue Bug Solutions we offer year-round pest protection against a wide variety of pests through our Home Owner’s Policy or HOP. HOP includes 3 visits per year from one of our trained and experienced technicians. During these visits, we provide preventative treatment, the on-going monitoring of especially susceptible areas; and the guarantee that if pests come back between visits so do we - at no charge to you! Contact us today for more information about our Home Owner’s Policy and how it can help to keep you home and family safe from pests!



Carpenter Ant Solutions In Uncasville, CT

Carpenter ants are likely living in or near your home mostly because they were attracted to your property while foraging for food and water. Carpenter ants generally create a nest outside and then the workers enter your home while looking for food for their colony. Like other species of ants, carpenter ants feed on a lot of the same sweets and meats that we do; making our homes and especially our kitchens a place they want to be. Once inside they not only contaminate food sources but will set up satellite colonies within the structural wood of your home, if left untreated their nesting areas and tunnels can significantly weaken the structural integrity of your property.

Getting rid of carpenter ants on your own is almost impossible, DIY solutions simply don’t work and can be dangerous for you, your family, and your pets to be around. To get rid of carpenter ants on your Uncasville property trust the experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals are experienced at eliminating these very damaging pests; they understand the unique habits and behaviors of carpenter ants. Our carpenter ants solutions include:

  • An initial inspection of your home and property.

  • Recommendations on how to make your property less attractive to carpenter ants.

  • A customized treatment plan.

  • A one-year carpenter ant warranty.

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to start getting rid of carpenter ants from your Uncasville property, today!



Protect Your Uncasville, CT Business From Pests

At Big Blue Bug Solutions we completely understand how important trustworthy and effective commercial pest control solutions are to the success of your business. Whether you own a large commercial facility or a small local restaurant you can bet that we have a solution to meet your business’s exact pest control needs. Our Monthly Maintenance Program includes customized once a month visits made to your commercial facility by our highly trained and educated professionals. Our professionals provide monitoring services for pest activity, along with performing preventative treatment services. Any pest problems that are uncovered during a visit will be taken care of immediately (if possible). Quick response and quality services are how Big Blue Bug Solutions protects Uncasville businesses from the damages that pests can cause!



Why Choose Big Blue Bug Solutions In Uncasville, CT

Uncasville is known for being home to the Mohegan Sun Casino and at Big Blue Bug Solutions we are known for our 58-foot mascot name Nibbles, who watches over our headquarters in Providence. But, more importantly at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we are known for protecting New England homes and business from pests for more than 80 years. No matter if your home is infested with one bug or hundreds of bugs, our promise to all of our customers is the same; that with the help of our highly trained and experienced professionals the pests that are pestering you will be completely eliminated. We are a full-service pest control company that in addition to providing home pest control solutions, commercial pest control solutions, and carpenter ant solutions offer the following ways to control pest in and around your Uncasville property:

Contact us today to get started protecting your Uncasville property from common Connecticut pests.

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