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In our extensive New England service area, wasps are a common problem. One of the most common wasps we deal with is called a paper wasp. These are the wasps that usually create those brown, egg-shaped nests on the side of your home or under the overhangs of your shed, garage, or barn. They also commonly create nests in the upper corners of porches or decks that are not enclosed. Today, we're going to take a look at wasp prevention in spring, summer and fall and zero in on what you need to know most to keep from getting stung.


Most paper wasps don't make it through the winter. Only queens emerge from hiding in the spring. These queens will come into your yard (if they're not already in your yard) with one purpose in mind—to create a nest. You don't have much to fear from queen wasps. They have no desire to sting you. Their entire focus is on making a home for their brood. They can create a nest in a number of places, none of which can be altered to make them less desirable. The only, real solution for preventing nests is to have routine inspections of your property and fast removal of developing nests. You can do this yourself, or have a pest professional stay on top of this important pest-management task.


There are many reasons paper wasps will come into your yard through the summer months. Almost all of their reasons are centered on the collection of food. Paper wasps eat meats and sweets. So you can expect them to be curious about open trash cans, food left out after a BBQ, soda cans or drink cups, and other sources of human food and drink. Their primary focus, however, will be on the collection of nectar and capturing bugs. The more bugs you have on your property, the more wasps you're likely to have. A pest professional can help you reduce bugs on your property and make your landscaping more resistant to wasps. But the thing to consider most is that visiting wasps are a low threat. They're not interested in stinging you. They're looking for food. But, wasps that are roaming around your yard from a nest on your property could put you at serious risk for being stung. Paper wasps have a nest-protection instinct that makes them very aggressive when someone comes near their nest. This is why nest removal in the spring is so important.


When temperatures start to drop, worker wasps realize their time is short. They begin to aggressively seek out food for developing "queens" that will soon leave the nest and find a safe place to overwinter. This can increase your chances of an encounter with a wasp during the fall months (simply because there are more of them) but paper wasps that are away from their nests, no matter what season, are usually not much to worry about. Just avoid sitting on one or placing your hand on one and trapping it. If you come into close proximity of a wasp, walk away without swinging your arms. Slow steady movements will not provoke these insects. The wasps you should be thinking about are those queens. They're likely to try to enter your home. You should do an inspection of all your screens and make sure they're in good working order. It is also a good idea to closely inspect your eaves and soffits for tiny gaps. If you see wasps going to and from a gap in your soffits or roofline, call a pest professional to properly address the nest that is likely inside. A licensed professional will use the most eco-friendly solution to eliminate those paper wasps.

Are you having trouble with paper wasps?

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