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There are several reasons why spiders in Massachusetts are hard to repel. Spiders have a lot of babies. A single egg sac can have 400 eggs in it. Since spiders create so many eggs, it isn't surprising that you have a lot of spiders coming into your yard. They're also attracted to your yard. Spiders are drawn to vegetation, yard clutter, moisture, and other factors that can be present.

You may not know this, but spiders fly. Well, they sort of fly. Baby spiders create webs that act like parachutes. These little parachutes catch the wind and allow baby spiders to lift up into the air. Spiders don't have to crawl all the way to the exterior of your home; they can fly! Does this mean spider problems are inevitable? No. There are ways to make your yard resistant to spider activity.

Let's look at a few of the types of spiders we deal with in Massachusetts, how worried you should be about these pests, and what works to reduce spider populations and prevent outdoor spiders from creating indoor problems. As always, if you need immediate assistance with pest control in RI, MA, CT you can go straight to our contact page.

Types Of Spiders In Massachusetts

The worst spiders are the ones that have potent venom. Fortunately, we only have one of those in our area: The black widow spider. Most of the spiders that come into your yard will have a bite that only causes localized pain that some describe as a pinprick. It is usually worse to be stung by a wasp than to get a bite from a spider. So, you don't need to be too concerned about spiders and spider bites.

Are Spiders In Massachusetts Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

When it comes to spiders and spider bites, how worried should you be about the black widow? Is the black widow a deadly spider? Far from it. The last record death from a black widow in the United States is from 1983. While you can certainly get a painful bite from one of these spiders, and you can have horrible flu-like symptoms, you're not likely to die. Seek medical attention and you should be okay.

Four Natural Spider Prevention Tips For Massachusetts  Homes

There are some natural ways to repel and control spider activity on your property. In some cases, these are all that are needed to reduce spiders to a level that is tolerable:

1. Reduce insects. When you take steps to reduce insects, you will reduce spiders as well. All spiders eat insects. Keep trash sealed in containers and remove strong odors from containers that can attract flies and other insects spiders eat. Reduce moisture in your landscaping to reduce moisture pests that are tasty to spiders. Replace white lights with yellow lights. Insects are unable to detect yellow light and are not attracted to lights that cast yellow light.

2. Remove clutter. All spiders hide in objects. When there are fewer hiding places on your property, spider activity drops. Spiders will hide in man-made objects, such as lawn clutter, but they prefer to hide in scrap wood, dead branches, leaves, rocks, and other organic debris. 

3. Remove webs. When you remove webs, you can significantly reduce the spider population near your home and reduce accidental entry. The removal of a web sends a signal to spiders that it isn't safe to attempt to create a long-lasting web in the area. If there is an egg sac on a web, remove the webs and crushing the egg sac has to potential to stop several hundred spiders from hatching near your home.

4. Seal entry points. Many spiders are only outdoor spiders; they don't get inside. Some get inside by accident but don't stay. There is, however, a small group of spiders that get inside and stay. You can keep these common house spiders out by sealing gaps, cracks, and holes in your exterior. Check for gaps around utilities and closely examine all exterior doors. Inspect windows, vents, and your foundation slab. These are common trouble spots. The tools for this job are a caulking gun or expanding foam.

The Best Control For Spiders & Their Pest Prey In Massachusetts

If you don't want any spiders in your house, you won't be able to get there with natural prevention methods - particularly when it comes to common house spiders. Control products will need to be used. This is where Big Blue Bug Solutions can help.

Our licensed residential pest control professionals select appropriate products and use field-tested methods to reduce spiders around your house and reduce (possibly to zero) all appearances of spiders in your house. You don't have to live with spiders. Get the best spider control by reaching out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

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