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When we talk to homeowners in Portland about mosquito control, we often tell them it's like taking your backyard back. But, if you've never lived in Portland before, you haven't had the distinct displeasure of meeting our mosquito population. Nothing can ruin a barbeque or backyard fire pit gathering like a few dozen Maine mosquitoes. They're merciless. And, DIY mosquito control methods don't have a chance against Maine Mosquitoes. We have far too much wetland for Portland homeowners to have enough of an impact. Let's take a look at this problem.

If you're not aware yet, mosquito breed in stagnant water. Wetland areas and forests give mosquitoes the perfect environment to multiply. They have plenty of stagnant water and plenty of mammals for newly hatched mosquitoes to feed on. This leads to high population numbers.

In states or communities where there are limited wetlands and forested areas, mosquito populations are low enough for residents to have a significant impact when they work to control breeding sites on their properties. It is a lot harder for Mainers to have an impact. There are just too many of those little suckers.

Now, we're not saying you can't have any impact at all, it is just harder to achieve the kind of success that will make it nice to hang out in your backyard at dusk. Breeding site reduction is still worth doing. We would just highly recommend investing in mosquito reduction to go along with your DIY mosquito control efforts.

Across the country, mosquitoes are a serious threat. They are vectors for deadly viruses and unique viruses like Zika which can cause microcephaly in unborn children. When it comes to preventing vectors, the U.S. government doesn't cut any corners. There is too much on the line. That is why they use mosquito misting as the control solution. It is what industry experts agree is the absolute best way to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Subsequently, it is also the best way to reduce mosquito populations.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we use mosquito misting treatments as one of the pillars of our seasonal mosquito service. Our service professionals apply a mist to key areas around homes, locations where mosquitoes rest during the day. This works to take down adult mosquitoes that are hiding in these places. It is a residual product, so it remains between visits to take down visiting mosquitoes as well.

You probably already know this, but dead mosquitoes don't reproduce. It is a scientific fact. When you kill visiting mosquitoes, you can stop them from laying eggs in your yard and in your neighbor's yard. If you do, everyone wins.

Our mosquito control service also works to reduce ticks. This is a big deal. Lyme disease, which is spread by a bite from a deer tick, is a serious illness that can become chronic and lead to lifelong medical complications. With Lyme disease cases continuing to rise in Southern Maine, this is essential protection every resident should have.

Along with mosquito reduction treatments applied to mosquito-resting areas, our Mosquito & Tick Control service comes with a reduction of breeding sites and larval control where needed. Together, these mosquito control measures can reduce mosquito populations by as much as 90%, throughout the year! That's another big deal. When fewer mosquitoes are flying around in your yard, you won't have to do the mosquito dance. You know the mosquito dance, don't you? It's where you shake your legs, shake your arms, shake your back and shake other parts of your body to keep those mosquitoes from landing on you. It's a common dance in Southern Maine. But, if you'd rather relax in your backyard and enjoy your BBQ chicken without having to do these dance maneuvers, mosquito service is the best way to go. It's like taking your backyard back—or keeping it—so it is never overrun by mosquitoes in the first place.

If you're moving in, tell those mosquitoes to move out. Invest in seasonal Mosquito & Tick Control for your Portland or Southern Maine home from Big Blue Bug Solutions and make your backyard a whole lot nicer place to be all the time.

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